Hey Friends! A very warm Welcome.

If right now you are reading this article then it definitely means that you all are passionate about traveling the world like me, but as usual you are stuck between you regular job and passion.

You are in dilemma of choosing between your passion and the regular job which gives you money.

Well, my friends you all are not wrong either but have you ever thought that you can fulfill your dream of traveling the world as well as you can have inflow of money also. Yes, you heard it right you can earn a handsome money while traveling the world.

Let me guide you how to do that, after all we all are people with same passion.


So, you want to travel the world as well as make money.

There are many things that you can do to make money while travelling. It is better that I list out things so that you can have a clear picture of all the tips and tricks and you can easily relate to the criteria that suits you.


Here it goes:


  1. Photography and Social Networking Websites: –


There is not a single person on this earth who likes to travel but not interested in photography. It is way of keeping our memory with us forever. So there is the great benefit associated with it. Have a nice DSLR and start clicking some really nice pictures of the places you travel. Upload these pictures to your page on social media.

Instagram is one such social media platform which pays you for your niche. You just have to increase your followers which can influence the sponsors and advertisers. Post Quality photographs. The key to this is that you have to engage your audience by your quality photographs. This you can easily do if you are really passionate about traveling and exploring. Even you can get free trips to some places if your experiences are liked by the audience. So, what to wait for, “Start traveling start exploring.” Also you can have your Facebook page and you can post your photographs and engage your followers. All just you need is what I mentioned earlier “QUALITY WORK “.


  1. Travel Blogging:


Nowadays everyone is aware of blogging business. This doesn’t need to be seated in a cubicle or room. You can blog from any part of the world. You just need to have your idea drafted into words. You can tell people about your experiences. Pros and cons of a place. Places to visit in a particular country. How can anyone book a room, conveyance issues, anything that you want to inform people about, you can pen down your thoughts. Believe me if your content is good and if people start benefitting from your blog you can make a hell lot of money. Just be honest in what you feel and write. Guide them so that they can actually follow things according to your information and their travel become easy. Today we all seek information prior visiting a place and if you are able to generate traffic on your blog your account will get credited wherever you go. Also you can sell Ads on your blog this can benefit you a lot.



This term also doesn’t bound you to any location. You can work from any location you want. There are many sites which offer freelancing work. So, if you are a web designer or developer, content writer, etc. you can finish your work while traveling the world also, because you just need your work to be completed, circumstances does not matter. All you need to have a laptop and internet connection. So, freelancers are in much demand today because whatever they do they do according to their passion and flexibility.


  1. Affiliate Marketing:

affiliate-marketing-blogging affiliate-marketing-blogging

Affiliate marketing is also an easy way to make money by keeping worth of your desire of traveling the world. You just have to be specific about things or websites for which you want to be an affiliate. Create nice content for your website of affiliate marketing. Be specific in what you choose so that people go crazy to buy things following your advice and links. And what else do you need, you go on traveling, and your account will keep crediting. But for that also you need to exercise a lot about being a niche affiliate marketer. Once established, just keep on updating yourself on every new trend and you can easily turn your dream into reality of traveling the places you always have wanted to.


  1. Local Tour Guide :- This is also a nice option if you really like to travel. Be a tour guide with leading companies in this sector. You can earn well if you are good at it. Guide people for different places and their specialties. During peak season there is always a high demand for tour guides. Gain knowledge about the places you have traveled or about to travel then make your portfolio and sell your art of depicting things of different places in an informative manner to others. Definitely people will seek from you and you can guide them and charge for it. By this you can relive your passion of travelling as well as can make good amount of money.


  1. BECOME A TRANSLATOR ON TOURIST PLACES :- If you are a person with knowledge of more than one demanding languages you can become a translator also. If you are well versed with Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, you can make a good amount of money by becoming a translator at tourist places. Most of the people even don’t understand and speak English also which is a global language. So you can show your grasp of more than one languages here. You can guide people in understanding things. Even you can find freelancing jobs as a translator. Master in some of the most popular languages and start travelling the world with these skills.


  1. Street Performer/ Multitasking :– Now this is not an easy cake for all but for all those who are good as a musician or singer or any artist who can show his/ her skills then you can earn money by this method also. No matter whether you are guitarist, musician, dancer, mimicry maker, stand-up comedian, you can try your luck here. You can make money by showcasing your skills. Be at a crowded place, entertain people and there you go. Also you can try an option of playing casino games. You can try your luck in casino games also if you are really good at it. You can try to win real money by playing the best casino games from your mobile



  1. You Tube (Vlogger):- You tube is also a niche platform to make money while travelling. Make some nice videos of places you travel and keep updating on you tube. You can also post your videos link on your other social media pages, friends’ pages. You can invite people to your you tube videos link. Make sure your content is not boring. Try to engage followers till the end of the videos and mark your presence in their mind, so that when next time you upload a video they become bound to see it. Share your experiences in such a manner that it becomes a fun to watch your videos. Describe unusual things, unique things of the places you visit. Show what people want to see. You can earn nice from You Tube.


So, friends these are some of the areas from where you can earn money keeping yourself engaged in your passion of traveling the world. There are many more ways, but the notable thing is what kind of work suits you, what kind of work are you comfortable with. Go with your decision, choose the job that you love so that you don’t regret later, discover your expertise, take your time and do whatever you want to fulfill your dreams.

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