CPA stands for cost per action, whenever a user performs an action such as filling up a form on your website or completes any offer, the webmaster gets some amount in return. If you really want to make money without generating a sale, you can select the CPA offers. The people who are new in the market, also earns good amount of money quickly because they have good knowledge of CPA.

CPA offers are available in multiple forms and you have the right to decide that what CPA programs you want to promote. Some CPA offers requires lead to complete the action quickly whereas there are some other CPA offers in which additional steps are required.

The CPA companies further divide their services into two more categories:

When the advertisers collaborate with the CPA Company’s database, it is the time when the publishers can start promotion. Here, as the publishers are promoting the offers, they are known as the “promoters”. The advertisers will list the CPA offers in the company’s database and you being the publisher will promote it.

Company who pay the CPA companies for promoting their product are known as advertisers. So, without advertisers and publishers, you cannot create your CPA network.

There are multiple types of CPA offers and you can select any of them as per your choice. Let’s see which they are:

  • Information submits:

In information submit, either you can do the zip submit or email submit. If you will do the zip submit you will be paid approx. $1.20 and if you will do the email submit, you will get $1.50. The amount varies based on the CPA network.

In order to keep your advertisers happy, try to generate targeted leads that converts into a full lead sale. Maintaining quality is important. Try to deliver the organic traffic, avoid calling your friends and family to visit your site and do the information submit.

  • Financial Offers:

Financial offers include credit scores, credit cards, loans, payday loans and debt relief. If your lead submits their information into a form and you are targeting the right people then you can earn good amount of money because these are basically high paying lead type offers.

  • Insurance Offers:

Insurance plays a very important role in everybody’s life and people search for these kind of offers for securing their future. So, if you are success in getting leads who are providing their name, address, email id and telephone number then you will get paid for your lead. Talking about insurance leads, you can earn up to $30 per lead if you can bring health insurance leads.

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How to make money from CPA?

There are number of ways through which you can make money from CPA offers, let’s see which the ways you can apply:

  1. Create a Money Maker Site:

Creating a money maker site is one of the best and easiest way to earn money from CPA. All you need to do is create a website and you must be knowing that who your targeted audience are. In order to get good amount of money, you need to look for offers that includes affiliate banners, high quality images that you can include in your site.

  1. Write Quality Articles:

If you don’t want to bring leads for earning money through CPA, submitting articles in article directories is the alternative way that you can adopt. is considered as one of the best site where you can do the article submission and can get profit from CPA.

If you want your article to rank in the list of top 10, then you must write articles that targets the specific audience including long tail keywords.

  1. Review Based Sites:

Creating review based sites is the best way to earn good amount of money from CPA. Review based sites means you are writing review about some particular products or review about some product that is related to your targeted niche. Do not write irrelevant information, try to keep the article to the point and try to write as natural as possible.

How to get CPA Network Approval?

It will be quite easy to find number of networks online through which you can get the CPA Network Approval, they may offer you various CPA Opportunities too but try your best to join the networks that are already established.

Every CPA networks have various offers so before registering in any network, you must know that whom you are targeting. Below are the top 5 CPA Networks you can join. All you have to do for getting the CPA network approval is register in these sites and provide all the required information:

  • BizProfits
  • Wowtrk
  • Health Trader
  • CPALead
  • AdSupply

For finding the best offers, register yourself in Offervaults. Offervaults is a research tool for all the affiliate marketers and publishers. Once you are successfully registered in it, you need to find your product and you will find thousands of CPA Networks there. You can choose any network as per your requirement.

There are many other ways through which you can earn from CPA offers, mentioned above are the top 3 ways to do the same. Before doing anything, try to understand properly that what CPA is and is it really beneficial for you or not.

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