Vivint home automation is the leader in the home security industry. The company offers the state-of-the-art products with features like an automated door lock, a smart thermostat, and a video doorbell.

At present, Vivint home security is serving over half a million clients. If you are in search for the most advanced and well-developed security technology on the market, Vivint is the best option. They boast home automation and impressive energy management features that can help you ensure that everything is off when you leave the house.

It can also program your thermostat while you are not at home. The cost of the package is not cheap, but they offer some excellent high-end, with 100% wireless components and the best home automation features.

Complete home automation package

Each Vivint security package, you will get alerted via text messages or emails. You will know if there is an intruder around as the system detects everything while the system is armed. You can get the whole kit with the Vivint Smart Home app.

You can likewise control your small appliances, thermostat, and locks from any web-enabled device, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you want to make sure the coffee maker is turned off or turn on the lamp, you can do both from across the country or town using Vivint Control.

Energy management

Using the Smart Control package, you can control your thermostat, small appliances, and lamps anywhere you are from any web-enabled device. You can turn off and on any machine or turn down the thermostat while you are not home, using your Smartphone. Thus, you can control your energy consumption and lowers your electric bill. Vivint also provides solar panel installation for clients who are looking to decrease their electricity consumption and to go green.

Vivint home automation is wireless

The communication is done wirelessly with Vivint home security system. It is done by allowing the system to communicate using a monitoring center thru a cellular uplink. The entire alarm is absolutely 100% wireless; it does not require any phone line. The company offers a touchscreen panel on each package. The control panel is the center of your system, and it includes LCD screen and remote access.

State of the art security cameras

With the company’s streaming video, it enables you to watch actual camera footage or recorded clips of your home remotely. You can use your smartphone or any other web-enabled device to check your home and view camera footage. If you are home and do not want to record, just set it at Privacy Mode on your device to turn off remote viewing and recording, or turn off the device completely.

Vivint smart control package

If you are in search for a complete way to connect to technologies that run your home, the Vivint Smart Control package is the answer. Included in this package are the things you need in a security system. From home security to cooling and heating, to video surveillance and access control, you all have them in this fantastic package. You can manage the whole system using your computer or smartphone, so know well what is going on at your home when you are out.

What to expect with Vivint starter page?

The heed for smart home security systems are increasing, and there are things that you need to think about before getting one for your home. The Vivint smart home is one of the best brands to monitor your home without any contracts. The price of the starter kit is not outrageous, but you need to pay $40 monthly fee for app control, security monitoring, and other features that are not required for your system.

Because the Vivint security system is compatible with Nest thermostats, Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, it is considered as the best option, as long as you are aware what you are getting into.

The Vivint’s starter kit includes an option of six smart sensors and a touchscreen SkyControl panel. You can also choose between window/door sensors, glass break detector, smoke detector, flood/freeze sensors or motion detector.

If you are in need of a smart home security system, the best brand to choose is Vivint. With many years in the market, they have discovered a lot of things and continue to provide people the best product in the home security system.

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