Organizations will prefer to move to dedicated server hosting when their website grows and becomes popular as they will require more bandwidth and space for the visitors to have an easy and speedy access. This is one of the key reasons that make organizations look for a better platform than the shared hosting in spite of the huge difference in the costs. It implies that such organizations have outgrown the shared hosting platform. It also offers many advantages that one does not get in a shared hosting platform.

The foremost advantage in dedicated server hosting is that there is only one customer using the entire resources unlike in the shared hosting where there are a number of websites hosting and sharing the resources making it very affordable. The latter option is not feasible for websites that attract a large number of visitors regularly. Websites that want complete control, enhanced security and more power will need a dedicated server. Organizations are assured of 24 x 7 x 365 days customer and technical support. They get the choice of either Linux or Windows operating system. Customers that do not need the physical space that is available with the dedicated server hosting platform can become a web reseller by buying the reseller plans provided by the host. They can sell the extra space as if they are the owners and offer their own plans and prices and make a decent income.

Why is a dedicated server required?

With dedicated server, clients get complete control and administrative access to the server which gives them the power to configure and install any applications and programs they want for better performance of their website. This is not possible in shared hosting as it has its limitations. Dedicated server hosting gives its customer’s enhanced security which again is not possible in a shared platform. The dedicated server customers   also have the flexibility to customize the server with their own software and hardware to suit their business needs. The host offers fully managed services that give the customers more time and resources to focus on their core business and look for opportunities for expansion and offer new products and services to their customers. Since the customers have all the resources for themselves. They have the power to scale it as per their requirements.  They alone are allowed access to the server.

Cost effectiveness:

By buying the dedicated server hosting services, the organizations save on the need to invest on a data centre and other infrastructure like cooling systems, uninterrupted power supply, power backup equipment and they need not have technically competent staff on their payrolls. The hosts offer fully managed services where they provide for proactive monitoring and managing the server and nip any issues at the starting point itself to avoid the issue erupting to a major problem that could hamper the performance. Even the security to the server costs a lot and organizations can benefit by hiring the server as the host takes stringent security measures to save the server and the website.

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