As a PC user you have probably got used to the command line, you’ve seen how easy and fast it is to do stuff that will normally take 3 or more steps. Well, one of the beauties of WordPress is that it can be controlled from the command line; perform tasks without having to navigate around on your web browser. These codes are simple to understand, and do not worry of messing up your WordPress website as any incorrect syntax will be ignored.

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Setting up WP-Cli Commands is simple but many people still find it hard to do,

Note: the command that need to be typed are highlighted

List of WP-Cli Commands                    

Firstly, we are going to explore the list of available WordPress Cli commands and possible parameters where necessary. In future case where more commands may have been added to the list and you need to get it by yourself, just enter wp help or wp. Into the command line.

wp core [download|config|install|install_network|version|update|update_db]

wp db [create|drop|optimize|repair|connect|cli|query|export|import]

wp eval-file

wp eval

wp export [validate_arguments]

wp generate [posts|users]

wp home

wp option [add|update|delete|get]

wp plugin [activate|deactivate|toggle|path|update|uninstall|delete|status|install]

wp post-meta [get|delete|add|update]

wp post [create|update|delete]

wp theme [activate|path|delete|status|install|update]

wp transient [get|set|delete|type]

wp user-meta [get|delete|add|update]

wp user [list|delete|create|update]


Update WordPress with command line

First let us check the installed version via command line

wp core version



This version is obviously outdated, so we need to update it with the following command line

wp core update

Downloading update from…

Unpacking the update…

Success: WordPress updated successfully.


Install or activate WordPress Plugin and themes via command line

Installing, activating, uninstalling or deleting a WordPress plugin can be done with the following lines, just replace the Plugin_name with existing plugin name

wp plugin install Plugin_Name

wp plugin activate Plugin_Name

wp plugin uninstall Plugin_Name

wp plugin delete Plugin_Name


You can check the list of available plugin with


wp plugin status


Same can be done when dealing with themes, only the “plugin” will be replaced with “theme.  Listing the available plugins;


wp theme status

Installed themes:

UA twentyeleven

UI twentyten

I twentytwelve

Legend: I = Inactive, A = Active, U = Update Available


Then you can perform tasks with these lines;

wp theme install Plugin_Name

wp theme activate Plugin_Name

wp theme uninstall Plugin_Name

wp theme delete Plugin_Name


Working with posts

You can create post with the following command;

wp post create –post_type=page –post_status=publish –post_title=’My test post’ –post_content=’This is a test post’Success: Created post 4.


Delete a specific post with this command;

wp post delete 3 –forceSuccess: Deleted post 3.


Other Options

A2 Hosting doesn’t stop at just Managed WordPress Hosting. Far from it! They offer a variety of services from standard shared web hosting, Fully Managed WordPress hosting (see above), Fully Managed VPS Hosting and more.

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