Let’s face it! Moving house is not always easy or enjoyable. As exciting as finally moving to your dream home can be, we soon realize that moving house is also stressful, chaotic and extremely time consuming, especially when failing to properly plan. You can very easily find yourself running around like a headless chicken stocking up on moving supplies or lose track of the content of your piles of boxes resulting in a nightmare packing out. Not to mention forgetting half of the stuff to do as your head is crammed with more and more things to do. This can be exhausting and can lead to days, sometimes even weeks of unpacked boxes set aside, while you try to restore your life, your sanity, and your new house, to a home.

MyMovingList.com makes moving uncomplicated, organized and way less stressful. New Residence Service provides a free, easy to use, smartphone and tablet checklist app compatible with Apple IOS and Android devices. This easy to use application is the solution to a more organized house move whilst always staying on top of what still needs to be done.

Let’s look at some of the key features this app can offer to help you, from the process of packing, to your Zen and unpacked home. Moving just became easy.

Setting the date

The countdown to THE day is helpful when you have a busy schedule. Knowing that you have everything under control on your moving checklist, this countdown is super exciting rather than stressful and will also help you set a timeline for the project and things that need to be done timeously.

To do and checklists

The interactive app lets you create customizable lists to easily add and check off as you go. You can set notification reminders on a certain day or email yourself a reminder list. Super easy and convenient.

Box Labels

Make printable box label straight from your phone. Your move will be organized and over with in no time by marking your boxes from the start.

They provide recourse links

No more hours spent online searching for anything moving related. MyMovingList.com provides handy resource links such as the US Government to easily update your home address. There are also various moving supply stores and storage facility services to choose from. You can even find truck and container rentals or movers. All your moving needs together in one neat app.


Download the app today to start planning and packing, in the most organized way.


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