Well it is obvious that everyone needs to improve something about their life and it is not possible for a single person have all the knowledge about how they should do it. In today’s world we are totally dependant on cell phones, social networks and other time consuming digital platforms though which we waste a countless amount of time. In order to get rid some of your unhealthy habits Mark Meurer and his team are developing a time saving social digital platform. Currently, Mark’s team at OGLA has released a Kickstarter for “TrackDat- A socially driven digital life coach”. This platform will help the user accomplish their goals without wasting the users time with unnecessary information. You can find their Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/179048875/trackdat-a-socially-driven-digital-life-coach.

The following are some examples of programs you can follow on TrackDat at launch:
• Gain energy in your life.
• Reduce your stomach pain.
• Discover the causes of your headaches.
• Train for running a marathon.
• Eat healthier.
• Improve your condition as a colorectal cancer survivor.

Not only these programs will be in TrackDat, the team will continuously work on more programs through their own research and by contacting research experts. Additionally, you can create your own programs if one doesn’t previously exist.

What’s in TrackDat?
• TrackDat has a user friendly graphical user interface that simplifies self tracking.
• TrackDat has two version, Free and Premium. Premium is for those wishing to understand  themselves   even better.
• The free version includes everything you can need to motivate yourself to change your life.
• For obvious reasons, the team puts your privacy first and allows for a completely secure space where even your  anonymised information won’t be sold.

How’s it different from other life loggers?

• In TrackDat we can create a group with our friends or similar users to work together to achieve our goal together.
• Just by using your app you will be helping other users with similar problems and goals.
• As you follow programs and achieve your goals you will unlock various achievements earning you  points that you can turn in for various rewards.
• OGLA donates to various charities based on how much it’s users track, so track yourself, improve yourself, and donate to charity all within TrackDat.

Winding down all I can say is that I think this application will bring a new era where people can not only get access to the life changing information they need, but also get help and support motivating themselves to change their lives. If you want to know more about TrackDat check them out at www.trackdatapp.com

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