If you are running your device on low storage space, then sit back relax as the Nexonbook Corp has released an online content making system like photo album, photo book, story book and they also announced that they will be adding much more content which can facilitate user beyond their expectation.

Let’s have a look on some of its merits

  • By this system the user’s data will be secured
  • The user can access their data from any other devices
  • No fear of loss of data if your device gets damaged or theft
  • These will help in increasing storage space as the user can remove it from the device after uploading it.
  • It can easily fit in your budget
  • Discounts and offers are frequent and also up to 100%.


Features of photo album

  • This system provides a wide array of tools and settings that allow you to organize your images and albums easily.
  • A nice collage can be generated by various means of user’s choice
  • The user can also add music as per his or her requirement so that the album can be rated well.
  • The graphical user interface is quite frank with the end user so that any common person can access to it.
  • Various editing tools are available so that the user can exemplify the best photo album.

Features of story book

  • Slide show feature is available which can add more enlighten the stories that generate from the pictures.
  • The settings for the time rate, alignment of photos can be easily edited
  • Uploading of photos is much easier
  • The user can also add location of the pictures if he/she wishes to add.
  • Also Guidance is provided for the new users.


Features of wall book

  • Choose one of several sizes in Custom Path to select the layout templates yourself or one from different sizes in Simple Path to have the photos arranged for you.
  • Photo editing tools are added which can correct for red eye and create special effects, but not much else
  • There are different themes to choose from, all of which would make for a tasteful, modern, clean-lined album.


Now, you must be wondering that, at what price they will serve you? At first make sure you’re signed up as a member of the photo-book-making website you choose, and wait for the inevitable deal in order to save money on the final product.

For every new book it will provide you 30 days free services on cloud. As the books in the book shelves have their own web address so that you will be able to set view rights. The system uses point features and 100 points are available to you for the cause of 1$.

Wall book:

Requires 200 points

The maximum no. Of pages that you can add here are 50.

These will avail you 1 HTML and 1 PDF file download with free cloud service.

Story book:

Requires 200 points

The maximum amount of pages that you can add here are 20.

These will avail you 1 HTML (United edition) and 1 PDF file download with free cloud service.

Photo Album:

Requires 100 points

These free cloud service for 30 days with an individual web address of every gallery with the control on view by using website gallery ID.

Once you set link to gallery town then you can search by the town ID and also it is shareable to others




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