“This innovation platform swip.world allows freelancers to participate in various interesting open innovation challenges and earn some good extra money by finding solutions for other people’s problems. There are even projects with up to USD 15000.- prize money!”


Next Generation DDOS Protection                                          $ 7000

Concept needed: How can DDOS attacks be defended against more efficiently?

Adjustable floor – Engineering                                                 $ 6400

Ideas needed: Develop an adjustable intermediate floor within a transport box for groceries

Having Fun @ Redeeming Bonus Points                                 $ 6000

How can collecting and spending credit card bonus points be made more desirable for users?


Promotion ideas for herbal dietary complements                     $ 1000

How can we reach doctors and therapists and convince them of our 100% natural, herbal dietary supplements?

Enhanced information flow worldwide                                      $ 500

How can you ensure a resource-efficient transfer of know-how between the employees of this company?



Adjustable Intermediate Floor                                                  $ 4500

Share your ideas or your market research on how to develop an adjustable intermediate floor within a transport box for groceries.

Service Innovation for Datacenter & Hosting Provider             $ 2000

Brainstorming: What additional service would set your datacenter / hosting provider apart from and above all others?


Applications for a battery-free remote control                          $ 1000

Where could our battery-free environmentally friendly remote control be used most effectively? Where are the biggest market potentials?


A new way to fill ice cream cups                                              $ 200

We are looking for a way to fill cups with two different ice cream flavors simultaneously.


Development of a customer gift                                               $ 200

How can we thank our customers at the end of the year, convince them of our products and ourselves?

Simple A/B testing of slogans                                                  $ 50

My ask is simple – I often want to A/B test sentences/statements which I use on slides. I’m looking for a solution on how to do that with a large crowd of people


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