Nitesh Logos apartments are located in central Bangalore and the neighborhood is close to Abbas Alli Road and Off MG Road. The people of that area are from the richest class with professionals and businessmen. They pick this neighborhood because they are those who are demanding of luxurious and elegant style of living in Bangalore.


Bangalore is India’s most westernized city and it is an industrial leader in the whole country. That provides a well-developed infrastructure when compared to many other cities in India. Bangalore is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in India. With year-round good weather, nice parks and avenues full of trees, it has earned a reputation of India’s “garden city.” Among the greatest buildings and relaxing gardens, there is a chance to see the backstreet markets, historic traditions and eye-catching culture.

The neighborhood is a pleasant place with lots of facilities for the residents of Nitesh Logos Bangalore building. The traffic is so convenient that you will be able to reach various parts of Bangalore easily. If you drive, the traffic and road system of this neighborhood will make your life easier. There are some main roads around such as MG Road and Ulsoor Road. They are two main routes of the city with lots of traffic which lead conveniently to all parts of the city. The apartment location is in the center of Bangalore and this is making it a prestige place in town.

n the north of the apartments, there are Ulsoor Lake and Mayura Boat Club. It is the oldest and biggest lake in the city, operated by MEG soldiers. There is a tiny park and ferry facilities are available for tourists. The water level remains high throughout the year. Nearby is the Mayura Boat Club where interested people can join and take some boat rides. This is good sport.

In the east, there are many restaurants and it is not difficult to find one to suit to your taste. The restaurants are serving both local and international food. Some expert cooks are working there to please their guests. In the east, there is a Someshwara Temple. This temple is one the oldest temples in Karnataka of Bangalore. Developed in the Chola period, this temple is a symbol of the extraordinary ancient Indian architecture which will certainly attract your eyes. The village of Bangalore is believed to have been presented by Kempe Gowda I (1513-1569) and the temple was built in that period.

In the south of the apartments, there are some remarkable places. There is a Lido Mall which is a giant mall with many shops for those who need to do shopping for daily use or special events. It provides a comfortable environment for shoppers. The Park Hotel is also in that area. This is one of the first nice boutique hotels in the city located on Mahatma Gandhi Road. It means luxury and intimacy for the guests. This hotel provides a high standard of style, design and decoration. The chic technology and facilities give relaxation to both business and leisure travellers. Citi Bank is also in the south. 24/7 cash withdrawal is available and counter services are available.


In the west of the Nitesh Logos apartments, you can see the Army Public School. There are also many shopping malls in that area, big and small ones. One of them is the Bangalore Central Mall which is a large mall for your happy shopping. Around there is a Starbucks when you may wish to enjoy a cup of coffee out of your busy schedule.


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