Controlling the device with voice instruction is not a new concept. Voice recognition technology has been around for a long time and now it has provided opportunity for users to control their mobile phones. Many of the models that are present out there have the feature to accept general instructions of the user with voice recognition application already installed on the device. Apart from the stock application that is provided along with a mobile phone, one can also look out for different applications that are present around different app stores.

Following article provides information about the effective and accurate application which helps the user control their mobile phone with a voice.


It is a popular free mobile phone application that helps the user to gain control over their mobile phone with voice instructions. It intelligently listens to what the user sees and carries out the action accordingly. Its speech to text technology is fast and very accurate providing the user an excellent opportunity to type their messages or e-mails with an ease. The user can record multiple set of instructions according to the operations that he or she would like to perform on their mobile phone. They can then directly open up an application, such as messages, and type the required content with voice recognition is really.

The user can now carry out multiple set of instructions such as dial a number, dictate and send text messages, update status on Facebook and Twitter, open applications, send e-mails, search Google, find local businesses, book hotels, movies, restaurants and much more. Provided below are a few of the text recognition applications that can be carried out with voice recognition.

  • 1. Update Facebook status: headed to New York for the weekend
    2. Text laura: want to see a movie tonight?
    3. Call mom
    4. E-mail Jon; subject, running late; message, John, I will be 10 min late for the meeting.
    5. Call plumber
    6. Movie times in Boston
    7. Open calculator
    8. Open music player

The application is available in the App Store and the user can download it irrespective of their mobile OS. The application has also recently come up with in car feature, providing easy access ability to the user to operate their mobile phone while driving. In order to support this application, the user must be connected to the application via Bluetooth device or wired headset.
Now that you have complete information about operating your mobile phone with voice instructions, take the advantage of the technology to retain complete control of your mobile phone. After the installation has been finished for the required application, you can then set the instructions according to your requirements and usage levels. As the application also provides in car feature, you will be at advantage to use your mobile phone while you’re driving and you can be sure that every action that the application carries out will be perfected to the peak.

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