MS Outlook troubles are not a rare complication to deal with. But very few applications are capable to work on all kinds of issues or corruption levels. A professional and high-tech solution is extremely essential to deal with all sorts of problems to cope up with the smooth working of Outlook application. Outlook Recovery is one of such prominent solutions which recover data from such problematic Outlook storage files. This application comes from a very popular brand and thus it is a reliable source to trust with confidential information. Its working is superlative and output is un-altered. Let us find how it works and what is beneficial in this application.

MS Outlook Recovery tool

Detailed Working of Outlook Recovery

Step 1: Downloading of the executable file of this application is a very first step to install it and run it. Once you have installed the application successfully, you can execute the application easily. Open the application and very first window will appear like below where you will find most of the options in the main menu.

Click on the Add File option available at the upper-left-most corner. This will lead to the generation of a small pop-up.

Microsoft Outlook Recovery tool

Step 2: Click on Browse button and you will be able to add PST file to the application. It will navigate to the system storage and you will be able to locate the PST file and add it as well.

There is one more important option available and i.e. Scanning option. The software lets you choose the scanning process mode amongst; Quick and Advance according to the corruption level in PST file. This is important as the scanning relates to the amount of data you will be able to recover. In case of severe corruption and deleted data recovery, advance scanning is suitable and recommended.

Choose Quick Scan If: You have a very large PST file and it does not have too much of a trouble. Also if you have few emails to recover and need it urgently then you can take chance with Quick scan. If this doesn’t work you still have an option of rescanning with Advance scan mode.

Choose Advance Scan If: In case your Outlook application had severe issues with it and it prompted erroneous messages, then go for Advance mode. In case of deleted data retrieval also, you can choose this advance mode, which is integrated with high-tech algorithms to carve each and every bit of your PST file.

Once you have checked the apt mode, click on Add File. It will load the PST file and start the scanning as well.

hwo to Scan MS outook Messages

Step 3: Once the scanning is done, a message of successful scanning is shown. You can proceed by clicking OK. Scanning is done and the File data is loaded. You can also view the email folders listed in the left panel.

Outlook Recovery Tool`

Step 4:Now any folder can be elaborated and viewed in the right panel with list of emails inside that. Again a particular email can be also viewed by clicking it. Software offers dual view of an email as Normal and Attachment view. This again helps users to make an analysis prior extraction or recovery is done as each attribute of emails and emails with proper format can be viewed.

Another major segment, which is covered in this application is selective export. No doubt all the emails are recovered and are available in the preview. But for export one can select specific items by checking them in the preview. It might be useful for many users who target for specific email recovery.


Step 5:To export click Export from main menu (for selective migration right-click and export). Export options will be available like below;

Email File Type: You can export the recovered data to various file; PST, EML and MSG. Assuming that most of the users want emails in Outlook again, I will proceed with PST file.

Mail Filter: You can export emails of specific span of time. Provide dates as To and From and emails belonging to this duration will be exported to another file.

PST Split: This is yet another promising feature of this application which lets you break the PST file as per size defined by you. Check this option and provide size in GB, your PST data will be exported to various PST files holding data of predefined size. For e.g. there is a PST file with 3 GB data in it. I provided Split after 1 GB option. This means first 1 GB of data will be exported to new PST1 file; next 1 GB data will be exported to PST2; and left data will be exported to PST3 creating 3 PST files. This is extremely important for data management.

Destination: Provide the destination by clicking Browse and navigating to location to save PST file with recovered data in it. Once all these options are chosen, click Export.


Upshot: The email data is recovered in a new fresh PST file which can be complete data or selective email data. A new fresh PST file is created automatically and you need not to do anything for that. It is completely reliable and the data recovery percentage is also 99.9%. This recovered files can be then imported to the MS Outlook application and accessed without any complications.


PST Email Recovery is a perfect application and efficient in all aspects. Users can utilize this application to combat all types of Outlook issues. It is a powerful way to keep the email communication productive and smooth. With some peerless features and extraordinary technical support, it stands upright in the crowd of other applications. I will rate this tool with 4.6/5 ranking.

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