Party dresses are as the name suggests, worn by women and men alike but, it happens to be more of a dress designed for occasions that involve dressing up and looking grand.

Party dresses can be categorized as costume wear, prom designs, informal dressy wear, formal event wear, dresses designed for seasonal parties etcetera.

Another important factor here is The Little Black Dress or LBD is one of the most popular party dresses. Every woman happens to have one of these dresses stashed in her closet for last minute hassles which require looking and feeling good.

Black is one such colour which never goes wrong because of its effortless ability to stand out and still mingle within the crowd.

Other dresses include cocktail and maxi dresses which cascade in trails and lace, emitting a soft radiant glow around those who sheath themselves in these. Cocktail and maxi dresses count as party wear considering they are worn for maximum events and outdoorsy occasions. Floor sweeping, and available in a host of body hugging soft fabrics, maxi and cocktail dresses are beautifully elegant and make you look wonderful.


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Party wear dresses are almost always slightly revealing, short and studded with emblazoned suspensions and ribbons or lace to give it the extra oomph which is satisfactory.

  • LONG SLEEVED MINI DRESS: These dresses have long sleeves but are short giving a youthful yet classy appearance. Paired with nude heels, these dresses will be solely focused on, becoming the ideal outfit choice for you. Also, having the legs on display is a plus.
  • THE LONG V NECKED DRESS: these are perfect party wear dresses for red carpet events and glitzy events. They are sequinned and sparkly, revealing the right amount of skin and yet perfectly elegant. Available in different lengths, and fabric choices, these are incredibly reliable for your evening. Hair tied in a top knot or bun leaves the neck on display which leaves the dress conveniently under focus.
  • THE SKATER DRESS: These dresses are ideal for casual night outs or small get together where it brings about a fun yet spunky vibe. Available in quirky designs and patterns, the skater dress has always been one of the first choices because of its flared skirt and nipped waist. It is universally approved and flattering for all women.
  • ONE SHOULDERED DRESS: Heavily worn in the last couple of years on red carpet events and large occasions, the one shouldered dress has slowly creeped into the ever-changing fads of fashion but is truly remarkable. True to its design, it’s an overwhelming outfit which looks incredibly stunning and revealing. Perfect for big parties and accepted by most women because of its comfortable airy feel and delicate appearance with a slight edge, the off-shoulder dress is popular for both young and old. Sleeves can be long, short or can fall midway depending on your choice.
  • STRAPLESS PARTY DRESSES: Strapless dresses are enticing, fits snugly and holds the bodice with sufficient ease. Hollywood glamor style and appeal rolled into one gives you the perfect type of reveal with a strapless Strapless dresses are adored by the youth for its charismatic glamor and classic style.
  • Fabrics like satin, velvet, cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, net, lace, synthetic, knit and combinations of muslin, mixed polyester etcetera are included in the art of dress making and Embellished seams, embroidered ruffles, satin ribbons, metallic sequence, laces and strings, inner faux leather linings and more are used to fit party dresses together.

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