If your Android smartphone or tablet didn’t come with Google Play Store installed on it, either because it was a clone device from China or was rooted by you or a previous owner, you have probably heard that you need to find the Play Store APK file to install the Play Store app. This is because clone devices or rooted devices don’t have the official Google Certificate that allows it to come with the standard Google applications preinstalled (Gmail, Hangouts, Play Store, etc.). So you need to get the Play Store app from an external source, which means finding and downloading the latest version of the Play Store APK file to your device. Afterwards, you will have access to all of the awesome, entertaining content that the Play Store has to offer.


Good news. The newest Play Store APK 5.7.10, the latest and most up to date version of the Play Store APK file is now available to download.

Play Store APK 5.7.10 gives you access to the entire Google Play Store, where you can download and install applications, games, music, movies, books and more, either for free or for a small fee. You will be able to safely and securely install all of these things directly from Google. The latest version, APK 5.7.10, has a couple of updates compared to the last version, including circular animation on the TV pages, and review blurbs of popular opinions.

How to get Play Store APK5.7.10 File

To get your device ready to download the updated Google Play Store APK 5.7.10 file, double check that your device is using Android OS version 2.3 or newer (it probably is, but you can confirm by going to “Settings”, then “About Phone/Device”). After you’ve checked your version of Android OS, you’ll need to tweak your device’s security settings just slightly, since the Play Store APK 5.7.10 download will be coming from an external source. Just go to “Settings”, “Security” and then select “Unknown Sources”. This is really important; without selecting the “Unknown Sources” option, your device won’t install the Play Store APK file.

Once your device is ready, you can click to download the updated version of Play Store APK 5.7.10, open the file and follow this instructions to install.

If you downloaded the Play Store APK 5.7.10 file using the internet browser on your Android device, then when the download is complete you should be able to find it in your notifications bar. You can open the APK 5.7.10 file by tapping on the notification.

If you downloaded the Play Store APK file using your laptop or desktop computer, you’ll need to transfer the file to your Android device with a USB cable. This makes things slightly more complicated because it might be hard to find the APK file on your device once the transfer is complete. If you can’t find the transferred Play Store file easily, you’ll either need to download an Android file manager application to your device to search for it, or go back and download the Play Store APK 5.7.10 directly to the device.

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When you find the downloaded APK file and open it, it will walk you through the installation process with onscreen instructions. You’ll also need to enter your Google account information, or create a new Google account if you don’t already have one.

And then you’ll be all set! You now have the Google Play Store app installed on your smartphone or tablet, just as if it had come with it preinstalled. You can now browse and download any of the millions of applications and games in the Play Store, listen to music, watch your favorite TV series, or whatever you’re in the mood for. Thanks to a quick download of Google Play Store APK 5.7.10, you’ve got the latest version of one of the best digital entertainment resources available today.

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