They say that too much of anything can be a bad thing and the same goes for video games but it can still be all good depending on the situation. People who have played video games for so long or since they were children, tend to invest in their gaming experience; they often purchase gaming routers, PCs, laptops, monitors and so much more. But from the start, majority of parents frown on videos games and go as far as say that it corrupts the brain. Sure there may be some cases, but more still benefit from it. Here are some of the positive and negative sides of gaming; the result is up to you to decide.

Benefits of Video Games

  1. Better at following instructions – a lot of games require certain tasks to be done and acts to be avoided in order to win so following instructions to the point is something children can develop early on.
  1. Logical Thinking and Problem Solving – as children play video games, especially the ones under the ‘strategy’ category, they’re able to effectively come up with great ways to solve situations and problems.
  1. Enhanced Spatial Skill, handeye coordination and motor skills – in games that involve shooting, characters most likely need to move, aim and pull the trigger at the same time. Situations like these require the players to keep a close eye on the position of their avatar, the place they’re moving in, aiming, speed and gunfire. These factors and a lot more are taken into account when playing. Players need to efficiently coordinate their reaction and interpretation alongside hand movements. As you may have guessed, it needs a good deal of hand-eye coordination and spatial ability in order to hit the bull’s eye. On an additional note, numerous researches showed that numerous adults with video game experience offer better surgical skills. Majority of pilots today are a lot better than the previous generation because of video games.
  1. Logistics, Planning and Resource Management – players develop management skills whenever they manage and budget limited resources and choose the best way to spend the said resources; it’s similar to what we do in real life when money is involved.
  1. Perseverance – high level gaming will surely have difficult tasks; these tasks were designed for players to fail numerous times before getting it right. If they want to advance to the next level, they’ll need to try and try again and persevere.

Negative Effects of Video Games

Keep in mind that these are some of the common drawbacks of video games, but they don’t happen to every gamer; it’s a case per case basis.

  • Majority of the negative effects of video games are attributed to the violence they contain. Children that tend to play extremely violent games at an early stage are prone to develop aggressive behavior, thoughts and feelings.
  • The effect of video game violence on children becomes relatively worse because of the game’s interactive nature. A lot of games offer higher bonuses or rewards for more violent acts; these acts are done repeatedly. Since a lot of the video games are in the first person perspective and are repeatedly done, violence is slowly develop whether they’re aware of it or not.
  • Too much time playing video games can isolate a child because they spend too much time playing by themselves and not enough time outside with others. Other activities like finishing homework, doing household chores, reading and playing physical sports are neglected. It may also lead to the child failing school and become socially awkward.

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