Want to get free form irritating mosquitos? Finding ways to stay away from them? There is a solution now. You can now escape from mosquitos by using the outdoor solutions provided by QM International Limited – Mosquito Expert. There are various seasons mostly in rains and summers when mosquitos attack on us and for getting rid of them we use many creams, traps, mosquito racket and sprays. Since there are many insect killer and mosquito lamp already available in the market, we have found a new way to kill them.

There are many diseases like malaria, dengue, high fever which can cause because of mosquitos. You must be wondering that how will QM International Limited will help us? Let us see what it is and how they will help us.

About QM International Limited – Mosquito Expert

QM International Limited is a company which provides outdoor solutions for preventing people from mosquitos. The company is based in Hong Kong and it is a well-known company which has a tie-up with the Hong Kong Government.

The company is formed by the people who hate mosquitos and giving their services to the company.  The company was established 10 years ago and since then they are developing mosquito traps. They have recently developed a very amazing technology known as MBOX which will be used to catch mosquitos. With this, people can save their family from sever mosquito diseases like dengue, malaria, Zika and many more.

How it works?

The working methodology of the company can be explained with this example. The company uses a CCFL light which lasts 10 times compared to the normal UV light bulb. The CCFL light further consumes 1/3th of original electricity through which it generates oc2 and h20 using a technique known as “Akira- Fujishima”. Now because of this technique the mosquitos get attracted towards the light and get trapped.

With the increase in this problem and in urban environment you can see that the diversity of viruses are mutating. Mosquito trap by our company is one method of prevention which can be used by people.

How to Reach us?

If you have any queries regarding the services we provide, you can directly connect with us. Here are our contact details: Mobile/ WhatsApp number:(852) 95550154.  Business Telephone Number: (852)35687814. You can visit our website. Click on the link: http://mosquitotrap.site/kicking-it-off-on-kickstarter/


As our company is based in Hong Kong, the customers who used our products or using our products currently are quite happy with the services we are providing to them. We are looking forward to help people to prevent them from mosquitos. We want our services to be used by as many people as possible and all kind of suggestions and advices are welcome. We will work on it if we find any suggestion is given by the customer.

“Prevention is always better than cure” and we are here to help our customers in all ways which they expect from us. Stay safe and stay healthy

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