Gone is the time when gaming was just a time pass and fun. It has now become an active area in the market as well as research. With evolutions in technology gaming has been rapidly improved. From desktops to mobiles gaming has now become a fantasy. The only sad thing to hear is that hardware for gaming gets out-dated very quickly. It has become very easy to buy a computer, but it has become tough to improve gaming experience on the same PC.

There is nothing to worry if you think your computer is somewhat lagging while gaming. It doesn’t matter if you have a Desktop or any of the best budget laptops for daily use, it is necessary to optimize your computer for gaming to  get better gameplay experience. In this post, we are going to share some of the best tips to optimize your computer for gaming.

Optimize Computer for Gaming


  • Update your Graphics Drivers and Optimize Graphics Card Settings:

GPU is the most important thing towards gaming. Graphics card companies like Nvidia and AMD regularly update their drivers for improved gaming experience. Updating drivers is as crucial as installing drivers. Using an older version of GPU may lead to poor gaming experience. Always keep an eye on driver pages of the GPU you use to be up to date. One more thing to make not of is optimization. Both Nvidia and AMD provide software suites that help gamers, but game optimization settings can take your experience to next level. Game optimization plays a crucial role to help you determine best game visual settings related to hardware. Nvidia and AMD are always consistently collecting information related to in game settings, in frame rate and the hardware. This allows scalable pre-sets and distinct hardware configurations. Using Nvidia GeForce Experience and AMD Gaming Evolved, you can easily change settings to improve visual quality and target performance based on your requirements.  You can read more on the pages on Nvidia and AMd regarding optimization of settings.


  • Defragment your hard drive:

Defragmentation of hard drive helps you to improve the speed and life expectancy as well. Hard disks get disorganized in storing internal data after some time. If the data of your application is large it is fragmented into various physical drives inside the hard drive. This leads to slower speed. Defragmentation helps you to rectify the internal organisation helps to improve speed. You can easily defragment your hard drive in windows. In the control panel under administrative tools you would get an option to defragment your hard drive.


  • Clean Your Startup and Get Rid of Unnecessary Processes:

The more applications you install in your PC, the more applications run in the background even when the application is not currently running. It is the best to start gaming with a fresh rebooted system. This is reset your system to start-up configuration and closes all unnecessary programs. You can use these applications to free system resources for gaming:

  1. CCleaner: CCleaneris an application that allows users to easily clean up orphaned Windows registry keys & entries leftover from uninstalled applications. It also assists to clean up many different types of memory dumps, temporary files that contribute to slowing down a PC.
  2. Razer Game Booster: If you are disinclined to make changes to your startup configuration, Game Booster from Razeris the tool which can help you. It helps you manage your computer’s resources, allowing you to configure and optimize your PC settings based on the games you play so they run at optimal performance.
  • Upgrade your Hardware:

Upgrading hardware is the step you must go for when everything above does not satisfy your experience. Upgrading hardware is a full proof method to enhance your gaming experience.


  1. Upgrade your hard drive with Solid State Drive:

Over the time solid state drives have become cheaper. Installing games on SSD will boost your start up and load time. The drawback is that if your OS is in Hard Drive there will be some problem in the operating system.


  1. Add Multi Graphics Card Setup or Upgrade your Graphics Card:

Upgrading GPU will be a smart move to improve your gaming experience. It allows smooth movements, high frame rates and high graphics. If you possess a mother board with multiple slots you can add multiple graphics card. Adding graphic cards improves the performance significantly. Be aware that the cards must be identical or it may diminish the performance.


  1. Add RAM:

Upgrading RAM is now an easy and affordable task. Meeting the RAM requirements of any game is a must. If you have multiple RAM slots, installing DIMMS will help you eliminate lag during game play. It has always advisable to have a certain amount of more RAM than the minimum requirements which guarantees smoother operation.

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Apart from these solutions, always keep an eye on the forum/blog of the game you like. You may see updates; software patches as well as some useful settings which will help you improve gaming quality. As developers continuously develop the game even after launching being up to date will always help you. Also make sure that you have the right gaming accessories like Gaming Mouse, Gaming Keyboard, etc. Because, a  proper keyboard and mouse will help you to enjoy the game and play it effectively.

We hope we gave you some insights in order to improve your gaming experience. Proper manipulation in hardware and software will give you the best results. These tweaks will enable to you enjoy the game in your existing PC. All the best for gaming!

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