Want to Rank your Videos on Youtube ? Want to show your videos to people who are hunting for similar videos like yours ? Have you optmized your video for search ?

You might be wondering how to make your youtube video appear on the first page.

To get more and more views on your youtube videos you need to stand on the top of the page of Youtube.

How to Rank Youtube Videos Quickly

In this post i’ll show you few checklist that will help you to rank your youtube videos in a short span of time.

You can Rank Youtube video by just following few checklist.

(Note : Your ranking of the videos is totally depends upon competition)

I’ll be mentioning “Keyword” thoughout this checklist so its very important to hunt right keywords to rank your youtube videos.

You can follow this guide to find right keywords – http://backlinko.com/google-keyword-planner 

Here is the Exact checklist to Rank Youtube video :

  • Always prefer to create video in  16:9 ratio, 720P (1280×720)pixel
  • Keep your main Keyword in the Video file name ( Make-money-online.mp4)
  • Make sure your video should contain these thing when viewing your video properties
  1. Title will be video file name
  2. Subtitle will be related with keywords
  3. Give some related tags
  4. Write related comment
  • Set your Defualt Video Upload setting
  1. Set as unlisted
  2. Set category
  3. Set Language and so
  • Main Keyword should be there in Title
  • Include these things on Video Description
  1. Description will be minimum 300-500 words for Google Ranking
  2. First line of description will be video title like a general sentence end with full stop(.)
  3. Use keywords in video description
  4. Video link will be inserted in this description
  5. Give social media links, like facebook page, group and twitter link “Follow us: Google+ | Facebook”
  6. Write: “Subscribe to our channel”
  7. Give related keywords or search terms as much as possible
  • Your Tags should be related to keywords, Atleast first tags should be keyword. Try to use tags as much you can
  • 1280×720 pixel thumbnail image with Main Keyword
  • Properties of image should contain these things
  1. Title
  2. Subtitle
  3. Related Tags
  4. Related Comment

Once You are done with all these things youa are ready to publish your videos.

Apart from checklist you should do these things too.

Off page SEO within 24 hours

Add Some Social signal to your youtube videos with Facebook Likes, sharem youtube comments, Tweets. Do as much you can.

Try to make atleast 10-20 views within 24 hours after you publish your video.

Let youtube rank your videos. Keep Rocking !

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