Since most businesses have moved online, the competition for visibility has been on the rise. Everyone wants to have a bigger share of the cake for maximum benefit. A well-known digital marketing agency recommends that every business should make an effort to have its website rank higher.  Smart strategies call for the use of free web resources to save on costs, while keeping tabs on your site progress or laying various strategies. So, how can one rank their website using free resources?

What Do the Tools Do?

Website ranking resources include software and tools which help website owners to get reports on how their websites are doing in major search engines. While using these tools, you will know where Google, Bing or other search engines have put your websites. Advanced tools will show the traffic flow and reports for various pages. The best thing about these resources is that they are offered for free.


Benefits of Ranking Your Website Using Free Web Resources

The primary advantage is saving on cost. In turn, the website owners also incur no fee for their services. These free license tools have saved companies millions of money across the world every year.


Another benefit is that business owners get real-time information, depending on the tools, of the progress in traffic flow and performance of different parts of the website. With such information, making logical decisions on how to market the product and reach the potential market is very easy.

Examples of Free Website Ranking Tools

Google analytics

If you are a business person, you probably have heard about this tool. It is most commonly used by reputable SEO experts as well as amateur business owners. It is simple to use, yet effective. It gives various results like web ranking on Google, the traffic going to your site, and keywords reports. This free tool is always online and ready for use by you.

Open site explorer

Checking your links all over the Internet is crucial. This is one of the best and straightforward tools to use. With this tool, you can monitor both the outgoing links and the incoming links before making a logical decision on what to add or remove. The tool is also online and ready for use at any time.

Quicksprout analyzer

When using this free tool, you can expect to get a report on everything: from the links, to the keywords, and the optimization itself. Therefore, this is a perfect tool for a starter who is not so conversant with tools which handle separate areas. Running this tool will give a comprehensive report. It is also perfect for busy business owners who want everything on one dashboard.

In Conclusion

There are a plethora of tools depending on the preference and the capabilities that you want. All you need is to input the URL of your website, run the tool and get the results that you want. Using them effectively is essential to the owner, management, and the marketing experts, to help them make important decisions.

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