The dedicated server is dedicated to the exclusive needs of a single client; in this sense it offers resources and power of an entire server for a single business so that it is not shared with other users as in a shared hosting environment. In short, this means that the business choosing a dedicated server will be able to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space without having to worry about resources getting exhausted due to over-usage by other users. This is why dedicated server hosting can guarantee higher security, flexibility, reliability and customizability to its clients.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • Reliability: When a server is shared by multiple clients, the resources like bandwidth or storage space are also shared amongst multiple users. This means that there may be occasions when you site may slow down because the server resources are being increasingly used up by other clients hosted on the same shared server. Even when you use VPS hosting, the chances of server crashes cannot be totally ruled out. You may not get access to all resources in order to stay online, particularly when the traffic is very high. But with dedicated hosting, these issues are easily resolved. Dedicated hosting lets you enjoy a server by yourself. This guarantees high uptime and reliability because the site will not face downtime or slow down because of inadequate resources.
  • Security: Dedicated server hosting is more secure compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting because the user enjoys complete control over all the resources. When you choose managed dedicated hosting, you can completely rely on the hosting provider for troubleshooting all technical problems without any delay. They will ensure that there are regular OS updates and effective security patches to prevent security breaches.
  • Flexibility: In shared hosting, you are unable to control resources because you share them with other co-habitants on the same server. But in dedicated hosting, you get to enjoy root access and total administrative control over the resources; you can rely on your host to manage the server while you focus on more important business functions. Alternately, you can also have your own IT team supervise and manage the server.

Reasons to switch to dedicated server:

To know when it is the right time to upgrade to a dedicated server, you should consider some factors.

  • To begin with, the traffic your site gets is an indication of the kind of resources you need. When you site is getting more than 200,000 hits in a single day, it may be a good idea to switch to dedicated server hosting.
  • Secondly, you have to consider the performance of the site before you make a transition to dedicated hosting.
  • When you notice that there is a noticeable slowdown in the site’s performance, you should consider dedicated server hosting plans. When you make the change, you will be able to resolve issues like slow page loading, errors returning on database requests, pages timing out because of overloading of server etc.
  • Finally, when you find that you need more customizability, you should opt for dedicated hosting. This will help you make changes according to your own discretion to suit your company’s needs.

Types of dedicated hosting:

Dedicated hosting providers will offer you unmanaged hosting, semi-managed hosting, managed and fully managed hosting.

  • In unmanaged hosting, the service providers are practically not involved in server management and the client takes care of maintenance, patches, upgrades and overall server security.
  • In semi-managed dedicated hosting, the hosting provider offer regular monitoring services with some maintenance services.
  • In managed hosting, the host offers medium management, updates, limited support and regular monitoring but the client may perform particular tasks.
  • In fully managed hosting, the hosting provider offers software updates, regular monitoring, security patches and reboots, OS upgrades etc while the client is not involved in any aspect of server management or maintenance.

The advantages that the dedicated server offers its clients make this form of hosting far more popular and preferred over shared hosting or VPS hosting. However, dedicated hosting is not ideally suited for individual or personal websites and text-rich sites which do not get too much traffic. It is more suited for large e-commerce websites which receive a lot of traffic and need to be up and running at all times to avoid making huge losses in sales.



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