Google specifically works on its algorithms to create more emphasis on a user and user’s browsing experience, because clearly, search engine contributes to consumers buying pattern. This can be done to ensure users continue to use the search engines or with the help professional SEO services.

Similarly, there are other search engines that also tend to imply on end-user experience by ranking the sites on their search result.

Infographics, video marketing, link building were among the most useful SEO trends for quite a while now, but, if you have bounded yourself with only those techniques which may not earn you benefits that are being offered by other effective methods that you may not have known.

With the dominance of Google AMP, there has been a rise of HTTPS and the importance of backlinks has increased. The reformation of snippets is done to meet the demands of voice search and to create a precaution against 301 redirects. While some of these trends will be a part of 2018, while others will just fall away.

Over above everything we expect that many more new trends will be a part of the year 2018.

Google has designed its page algorithm code in a manner where it will not be easy to crack them. And this will be a challenge for SEO developers who are constantly adjusting to accommodate a thousand different nuances.

1. Voice Search

The innovation of voice search by Google in 2012 has taken a high rise in smartphone devices, used to look up for information and online products. In 2014, Google added a new feature to its voice search, allowing users to perform the search in five different languages.

This feature enables a fun and easy way to browse information. Voice search is a time-saving addition in the field of technology with personal assistance available. In the near future is expected that this will change the local search experience as well as an online shopping experience.

2. Mobile Optimization

Mobile phones have become a dominating device as more and most of the web browsing is now occurring on the mobile devices. In fact, the number of people using their smartphones to browse the Internet is higher than the number who browse on a traditional desktop computer.
Mobile-friendly websites are now required by every search engines and users, making it a mandatory feature of website development.

In fact, mobile friendliness is now a search ranking factor.

This is nothing new, and something you’ve probably heard about in many other years, but as each new device comes out and includes some kind of voice search function, the thought of adapting to this feature will be really on your mind for the year 2018

3. Increase In Linkless Backlinks

Backlinks have been a very important and basic part of SEO developer, calling it a bread and butter of it. Linking another source to bolster a webpage’s authority was one of the acts taking place in the past and Google was not very happy about it, so it came up with the Penguin algorithm in 2012.

Since then, it has become the best (and most ethical) practice for websites to try and get links from more reputable, outside sources.

The sophistication of Google search robots is becoming a threat for the coveted power that backlinks have. While the previous scenario was that some outside sources and authorities helped websites with their search engine ranking.

It’s not just about who and where your links come from, anymore. A simple link just isn’t going to stand out of the crowd.

The practice of mentioning the brand names, organizations and institutions is an added feature in the Search Engines. While hyperlinked texts are important, not to forget that the content around the links also carries some weight.

4. Page Speed

Today, no one has time to wait, everyone wants all the information, a thing very quickly, the world has become a fast-paced society.

It can be really frustrating when you know that the answer to your query is on that particular website but takes heavy time to load. If the page doesn’t load in 5 seconds, you’re off onto another website that can hopefully give you the answers you need.

People don’t like slow web-pages. A slow pace can make your site traffic suffer. The speed of the page determines the user-experience satisfaction for the particular websites

If you’re wondering how fast is fast enough, take Google’s recommendation of 3 seconds or less.
Speed has been the most crucial component of a website and keeping in mind the impact it makes on a website we will see more emphasis on it in the future.

5. Rich Snippet

There are rich snippets and regular snippets. Both the snippets have a clickable title, a URL, and a meta description. While there is no such difference between the both, rich snippets possess some condensed titles with “|” instead of a dash (-). The structure of your data will decide how well the information will be displayed on the search engines.

Another important feature of rich snippets, which can also be stated as an advantage is that they receive more clicks and have a higher click rate which can eventually turn into real sales.

SEO is an ever-changing industry. The aim of 2018 is to enhance the user’s experience by keeping a track of relevancy of page’s contents, Google will do this by a personalized search engine results, increasing the page speed and additions of some new page features. And it will also ensure that the sites that come-up are designed as mobile-friendly with normal words and terms.

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