Some machines are gym based whilst some can be ridden on roads. They are the ideal workout machine if you don’t want to cycle outside. These bikes perform the same function as the traditional cycle does and also give a little extra options such as ascent, descent, fat burn, cardio workout are some of the standard functions found in many bikes.  There are many types of recumbent bikes all available on amazon with their reviews such as

  • Trikes
  • Quad
  • Hand pedaled
  • Fully suspended
  • Low-racers
  • High-racers
  • Semi-recumbent
  • Crank forward

Recumbent bikes are the next option for working out in the confines of your own home. These bikes place the riders in an inclined position as these distribute the weight of the rider evenly.  Recumbent bikes are mostly preferred for long distance travel, as it provides comfort ability and speed. However these cycles are banned from races. Recumbent works your calf muscle, thigh muscle. This gives you an enormous amount of energy if you practice daily.

Enhancing your workout experiences with recumbent bikes is best done with the aid of amazing accessories available for the same. Let’s have a look at all the kinds of accessories available, based on their categories.



Drag Resistance

There are certain accessories that help in boosting your fitness regime. Aerodynamic devices such as fairings drastically reduce aerodynamic drag caused by the open front portion of the bike. There are however more than a type of recumbent bikes. This depends on the rider, the level which he has aimed for. If you are cycling then you will definitely sweat. This decreases the amount of water present in the body hence a sipper is required.

Components of Bike

Gloves are another integral part of cycling as your palm may slip from the handle bars as they sweat. This results in loss of control. Light weight shoes are also suggested when cycling long distances as the self-weight of the shoe may result in slowing down early. Pedals of the bike may be changed from standard smooth to rugged type as this gives more friction and ultimately more power. You can also opt for a gearless one as it will make you ride harder resulting in burning of more calories.

To increase your fitness, you can also carry a back pack filled with protein bars and shakes so that you needn’t stop on your way. These extra weights will also help in burning more calories. If you are using stationary recumbent bike then you can program it for fat burn. The computerized training program allows determining of your heart beat and calories burnt. With the right design and equipment you can maximize your fitness regime.


Recumbent bikes can be used both on-road and off-road. Having the right bike boosts your fitness. There are several brackets used to carry your bike attached to your car. There are side brackets, back brackets, and railing brackets. It is quite essential to choose the right one depending on your car model and bike type as it may have undesirable effects.

Tools and Equipment

Tools such as T-bar helps in adjusting and adapting your accessories as you want them to be. The asymmetry allows for greater flexibility for mounting items. Elbow mount can be used to connect two clamps together. Chain tension adjuster is yet another tool if you are taking on more than a person along with you. These are used to adjust the chain lengths depending upon the requirement. Bar mitts are also preferred companions as they keep the hands warm and dry.






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