There is no doubt that an increase in your unsubscribe rate can really be disappointing, but it’s inevitable that it will happen at some point. There will be instances where your readers will unsubscribe to your mailing list, and you can’t help but wonder if there’s something you could have done differently to prevent that.

Well, it turns out there might be some techniques that could be utilized in order to reduce the rate of unsubscribes.

These are the Best 5 Ways To Reduce Your Email Lists Unsubscribe Rate

3 Ways to Reduce Your Email Lists Unsubscribe Rate
#1 Use Simple, but Engaging Subject Lines

The subject line is one of the most important aspects of an email marketing campaign and it has a strong impact on the unsubscribe rate. Likewise, crafting the appropriate message for the subject line is a daunting task, because it should attract the reader to open your email.

As much as possible, keep it short and simple; ideally 28-39 characters long. Your subject line should also illustrate what’s inside the email. Don’t be afraid to use all caps when you want to emphasize something or use the word ‘free’ with an exclamation point. These are just some of the ways that could possibly entice your subscribers to open your email. As for the content, ensure that it’s something informative for the readers. This will make it more difficult for them to unsubscribe to your mailing list.

#2 Offer Customized Email Frequency

The most common reason why a lot of email recipients unsubscribe is because they don’t enjoy receiving tons of email a day. Aside from letting your subscribers choose the type of emails they would receive, allow them to adjust the frequency with which they receive these emails, such as multiple times a day, once a week, or monthly. This will prevent you from bombarding them with emails that they don’t even want to receive in the first place. If you will take care of this sure you can reduce email unsubscribe rates

#3 Survey Those That Unsubscribe for Feedback

Last, but not least, there’s a reason why some of your subscribers hit the unsubscribe button.

It’s ideal to set up a survey that the readers must answer once they unsubscribe. The insights you can collect from these surveys can give you the information you need and it will help you figure out the real reason why they chose to unsubscribe.

Keep the survey short and simple. You don’t want to irritate the customers, but determine why they chose to leave. Ask questions, such as “Did you find these emails useful?” If respondents say that your emails aren’t valuable to them, then it’s time to revisit your approach to your email content.

#4 Offer Different channel to get in touch with them

Doesn’t matter if your reader has unsubscribe from your email list. Don’t be upset !  There may be different reasons to unsubscribe from your email list may be they love to read your content but they do’t want their email flooded with mails. Try to give them a medium where your reader would be in touch with you. Offer them a SMS, RSS your social media network like Facebook Page Twitter. Make them to like your facebook page so that you can offer your content even then they are not in your email list. This is one of way to reduce email unsubscribe rates.

#5 Do check Email loads properly before sending to subscriber

If you are really concern about reducing email unsubscribe rates then you must have to consider this point. Before sending email to your list do check it properly it loads properly or not. It should not load slowly else your subscriber will frustrate and unsubscribe from your email list. Even you don’t like when any website takes too much time to loads on browser same rules applies here too. Do check email design and validations, make sure image are not too large else it will take time to load. Make sure email should load well on mobile devices

This all 5 points to reduce email unsubscribe rate. Good Luck and improve your email list.

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