If you forgot your own Windows 10 password then it may lead to a lot of trouble. All the files and folders will be inaccessible. There will be no way to extract the files from the computer and to be honest, this will not be an exhilarating experience. And to avoid any determinant consequences, you should stay from formatting the hard drive that may delete all functioning apps and files from the computer.

Fortunately, there are few proven methods to reset the Windows 10 login password without using your OS disk. We will show you the most eloquent way to reset the password that won’t cause any trouble or data loss.

Method 1: Using Bootable Windows 10 USB Flash Drive

You need to enter few DOS commands and the Windows 10 USB Flash Drive to start the resetting process.

Step 1. Insert the bootable USB flash drive into the PC and boot the computer. (If you don’t have any bootable USB Flash Drive, then you will have to make one)

Step 2. Upon starting the computer, click on “Repair Your Computer” from the bottom right screen.

Step 3. Click on “Command Prompt” to initiate the command prompt window.

Step 4. Now, you should back up the previous sticky key by writing the following command –

copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\

Step 5. It will show that 1 file is copied. Then write the following command to copy it on the sticky key file –

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

Step 6. It will show the similar message again and restart the PC.
Step 7. When you see the login screen, press the SHIFT key five times to enable the command prompt in administrator mode.

Step 8. Type the following command and replace the password and username with yours.

net user ____ MyNewPassword

Step 9.  The password is now successfully reset, you may now login by entering the new password.

Method 2: Using UUkeys Password Mate.

If you have no operating system CD or flash drive or a reset disk then you may not be able to use the above method which may lead to more troubles. You may think to reinstall OS again at this point but won’t be the best idea either as it will delete all the important files from your system.

There is an easy way out there if you forgot Windows 10 password. Windows Recovery Software from UUkeys is the best and most efficient tool to reset Windows 10 password without reinstalling it. You can reset and remove the login password from both admin and local users account without installing the Windows operating system. It is assured that this software can reset any kind of password, doesn’t matter what kind of password is used, how complex combination of words and letters are used. This tool works with all versions of Windows including 8, XP, 7, Vista and 2003.

What are the requirements?

  1. A computer or laptop that you can access.
  2. A USB Flash drive with minimum 250 MB storage space.
  3. UUkeys password recovery software.


Step 1. Download UUkeys software on another computer and install it to create a new bootable flash drive.

Please note: You can see the locked accounts with the trial version, to be able to reset the passwords, you must register and buy a full version.

Step 2. Burn and Create a New Bootable Password Reset Disk.

Insert the flash drive on the same computer where you installed the program. Choose the USB flash drive name from the drop-down menu and click on “Burn USB”. It will start burning the ISO image file on the flash drive and when it is done, you will see a pop message that says “Burning is done successfully”.

P.S: Backup all the data from the flash drive as everything will be wiped once you burn the software on it.

Step 3. Boot the locked PC using the Reset Disk (USB Flash Drive)

Pull out the flash drive from the old PC and plug it in to the locked PC and turn it on. Make sure to change the BIOS settings and make flash drive as #1 boot priority. Press F11, Esc, F8 or F12 key continuously upon starting depending on which brand you are using.

Step 4. Reset Password for the Locked Account.

The program will load automatically and here do the following:

  1. Choose operating system like Windows 8.
  2. Choose the username that is locked.
  3. Click “Reset Password” and
  4. Reboot your computer.

You may now use your PC without any password.


Resetting any Windows PC is simple using UUkeys. It will be very astounding to see that you can still login to your system even if you have forgotten the password without installing Windows again. Rest assured that no data will be erased using this software. Hopefully you guys enjoyed and found this article useful.


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