Now-a-days computer security matters a lot irrespective of the location like home, office or any other public area. Keeping this in view, Windows 8 by default have to enter the password to get access to their administrative account. This is for no doubt is good side offered by Windows but at the same time one may unfortunately forget the set password. Then what can be done in such cases? Well, reinstalling the OS completely is the solution? I don’t think so, because no one would like to go with this option. So can resetting the password be the preferable option? Yes, now you can reset Windows 8 password with great ease. You just need to follow the detailed instructions stated below in order to make your task easier.

You can even opt for the use of Windows 8 password reset disk if you had created it before forgetting the password. But unfortunately you haven’t thought it, so what can you do more. Well, no need to worry, just keep on walking on our footsteps.


Before heading to actual procedure make sure that your system is plugged in to socket and do not run out of power during the process. This method is applicable only if you had used local account for Windows login. Like if you had used your email account for the administrative login then these instructions cannot be applied.

In case you have used email account then you need to look for something that guides you “how to reset Microsoft Account password?”

How to reset Windows 8 password?

Using these procedure all your data will be erased from your system. Let’s have a look at the following steps that will guide you to reset Windows 8 password.

  • When you are in front of your systems login screen, a power icon can be observed in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on this icon.
  • Click on the Restart option besides holding the shift key.
  • Tap the Troubleshoot option.
  • Opt for Reset you PC.
  • Go for Next.
  • Now the system is set in rebooting mode. At this time, your system is being prepared to reset.
  • Click on the Remove My files when you are on your PC reset screen.
  • Now when you are done with each and every precise step of this task, you can end up the procedure by clicking on the Reset button.
  • With this your PC is completely reset and you can now set a new password for the administrative login.

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Final saying:

This is one of the way to reset your Windows 8 password. Ideally there exists many other ways to recover your forgotten password like using a recovery software, or from any other admin account, or trying to remember from the hint provided during password setting. As long as you follow the steps carefully it is not that difficult as you think.

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