Are you aware what a rooted phone is? And what it can do after rooting? The real power of a phone can be revealed after rooting. You can boost its performance it’s battery life, use custom rom’s, give privileges to some apps that will boost our phone to max, remove all the per-installed apps. Yes really you can use it with a rooted phone.

If it’s your first time rooting a phone then you just follow these steps as it is. Because htc desire has a different way than others.

Note: If the phone gets bricked or causes any hardware or software damage then we are not responsible for that, do it at your own risk. But following the steps can cause very little chance of bricking your phone.


You would need



Get all these software’s and install them, and do not forget to have good battery life.

Install htc sync on your laptop or PC, but do use a windows 7 operating system, because windows 8, 8.1 do not support adb drivers.

Now uninstall htc sync, do remember that you uninstall only htc sync no other components and programs must be uninstalled.


After installing all the software’s, restart our phone and when you restart hold volume down button to go into HBOOT menu. Now a white screen will show which has some menu and detail of your phone.


Now plug your htc desire phone with our computer.

Now in your computer go to device manager and there you could see a driver named as android with exclamatory sign. Click on it and choose update driver. Now from the screen browse for the zip file that we downloaded USB DRIVERS, and extract them to a file. And then select the file and let it update.


After the process is completed, plug out your htc desire phone and restart your computer.


Reboot your htc desire pone and go to developer options and enable USB DEBUGGING MODE, and enable apps from unknown sources.


Run unrevoked application as an administrator from your computer, it will automatically detect the device. If not, then do check if the usb debugging mode is enabled or not.

Now start the process, your phone can restart several times in this process, but don’t get tensed, it is a process.



Once the flashing process is complete, you will get a pop up from the application, and then you had successfully rooted the phone, without any problem. Now enjoy and find the features of your pone from rooting.


How to root htc desire without a PC


If you are scared with rooting and doing such long process. Then you can do it without a PC and without long process. But note that it is still a risk and, it can void the warranty.

All you need to do is, download an app and then let it do the heavy process.

Universal and-root is the best way to root the device and it is really free. Download the file from here. But note that it can be bricked or can face hardware and software issues.


The steps are as follows

1 download the application

2 install the application

3 let all the process be completed

4 reboot it

5 now get the rooted htc desire rooted.

You can use other apps that will help root our device but will charge for rooting. They will guarantee that your device do not get bricked or damaged, but warranty will be lost either way.

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