We are in the midst of the beginning of another space race. But, instead of racing to another planet or the moon, companies are racing to create global high-speed Internet using satellite technology. This goal of the race is to bring high-speed Internet to the billions of people worldwide that don’t have it.

In the last few years, the technology of satellite Internet has rapidly improved, and the improvement does not look like it is not going to slow down anytime soon. There are a huge number of investments by big technology companies that are leading the way in improving this technology.

This new space race has only been happening in the last few years, so much of the research has been done behind closed doors. The reason for this secretive research is that the first companies that can provide the best satellite internet and the most efficient will have access to a huge new customer base. While most of the developed world has high-speed Internet at reasonable prices, developing nations have limited access to any Internet service. Around half of the global population is estimated to not have Internet or high-speed Internet. Many people in these developing nations would be willing to pay for the service if only it was available. This is the reason why technology companies are focusing on improving Satellite Internet technology.

In most areas, Internet services are provided using cables and wires because the Internet can use the same wires as telephone and TV services. However, running wire is extremely expensive. The cost of running wires is the main reason that half of the planet does not have high-speed Internet. Satellites also cost a lot of money, but with satellites there is no need to run wires and cables. This is the most logical way of expanding into developing nations and providing better service to countries that do not have high-speed Internet.


Many companies including giant companies such as Facebook, SpaceX, OneWeb LTD, Google, and others who are working to create new technologies for Satellite Internet. Improved Satellite Internet would not just help people in remote locations but could also drive down the cost of Internet and TV services everywhere. This possible price drop would be facilitated by competition from new service providers too, so existing companies would have to adjust pricing to remain competitive.

There are different methods and technologies that could be used to help make a super-efficient global satellite Internet system a reality. One possible technology method that could be used is a system of micro-satellites. This is not a simple process, which is why we do not have high-speed satellite Internet right now. However, we could see it in the next few years. It is hard to imagine living in an area that does not have high-speed Internet. But half the global population does not have it, and that includes many rural areas in the United States. Satellite Internet may change all that.


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