Copying data secretly from someone else computer without knowing them is no longer a harder task. Sometimes what actually we look for “How can i copy someone else data to usb without knowing them” Here is your answer using USB Hidden Copier you can Secretly Copy files From USB to computer without knowing them. You can easily steal data from usb when someone plugs in USB to your computer.

This is sound great right ? Now if you want to steal someones data then this would the most eady task for you. Even you have full control over the data which files to copy, on which data and all you just have to made few setting before using them.

Secretly Copy files From USB to Computer Using USB Hidden Copier Free Download

Features of USB Hidden Copier ?

  • Silently and automatically copies files and data from USB devices to your computer
  • Backup without clicking on any button
  • Lot of customization.
  • Runs in background process
  • Full control over files

USB hidden copier is an program that lets you copy data silently and automatically according to the configured settings. Just plug in USB and you are done, collects data from usb that people connects to your computer without knowing them. is offering Free giveaway for limited time. You can download  Free USB Hidden Copier with this giveway and secretly copy files from usb whenever you want .. Download it before it expired.

Link to download – Click Here


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