Yeah title of the post says it all. Not only smiles,stickers, attachment, location now you can send money to friends with facebook messenger. Yeah this is latest update announced by facebook today.

In october 2014  there was a roumered about facebook payment to its messaging service and now that roumer came into reality. Today facebook have announced its new feature that allows user send and receive money at no extra cost. Soon there will be a icon $ appear on the messenger you just have to type the amount and then click on Pay, money will be deducted from your credit card that you have added to your facebook account . Money will be sent to receiver along with message

Now Send Money To Friends With Facebook Messengner

This facebook new feature will be rolling out for Messenger users in the U.S. over the next few weeks on iOS, Android and desktop.

You might be wondering avail this feature so here it is

How to send money to friend with facebook :

You need to start a conversation with the friend whom you want to send payment

Tap the $ icon $ and enter the amount desire amount to send

Tap Pay in the top right and add your debit card to send money
 To receive money on facebook:

Open the conversation from your friend
Tap Add Card in the message and add your debit card to accept money for the first time

To avail this feature you need to add your debit or credit card that is issued by US bank to your facebook account.

So this was all about facebook new feature to send money to friend with messenger. Facebook clearly said that they are going to make profit out of it but yeah this feature could help people a lot.

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