Google Chrome is the most common Browser used by 53% of the total internet explorers in this world. Google Chrome provides you simplicity, speed, managed downloading, Omnibox server and many more features.
If you still want to Speed your Chrome Browser, there are certain tricks and steps that would improve the           speed up to 200% than the earlier. All you need to do is the Change some settings inside Google Chrome browser.

Seven Best Tips To Improve Your Speed of Google Chrome Browser.

Seven Best Tips To Improve Your Speed of Google Chrome Browser.

First Tip

  • Update your Browser
  • Just Type in “chrome://chrome/” and press enter.
  • And then check for updates.

Second Tip

Improve your speed on google chome

  • End those process which takes high memory by using task manager of Google Chrome.
  • Press Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, and click end on the process to remove the process.

Third Tip

  •  Check the options in Privacy
  • Type “chrome://settings/” and press enter
  • Check “use a web service to help resolve navigation errors”
  • “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URL’s typed in the address bar or the app launcher search box“.
  • “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”.
  • “Enable Phishing and malware Protection”.
  • Check all this settings and uncheck the remaining.
    Fourth Tip
  • Disable Developer Mode.
  • Type in “chrome://extensions/” and press enter.
  • And uncheck the developer mode.

Fifth Tip

  • Clear Browsing Data
  • This will remove all the data, but will surely improve your speed.

Sixth Tip

  • Remove Unwanted Extensions, Plugins and Add Ons.
  • Type “chrome://extensions/”,”chrome://plugins/” and disable them.

Seventh Tip

  • To edit the flags
  • Enter “chrome://flags/” and press enter
  • Select Maximum tiles to 512 from any, this will give Google chrome more ram and improve performance in browsing.
  • Now select Number of Raster and change it threads to 4. This will improve the speed in loading images.
  • Enable Offline cache mode, so that it would not store the cache memory and give the speed in browsing rather than downloading the cache.
  • Now enable SPDY/4, this will improve the speed in loading the pages by quickly transacting with the web.
  • To improve the increase in loading time and boost performance, enable Experimental canvas. This is optional this will only improve Google chromes boot and loading time.
  • Enable Experimental Websocket for faster dealing with web traffic, you can get faster access when there is more traffic in a web page.
  • Enable Accelerated Overflow Scroll, this feature will provide better scrolling experience on particularly long pages.
  • Enable Fast tab, this will help in closing Google chrome tabs faster.


These are the tricks, select the tips and then re-launch Google chrome and watch its performance.

Note: The Seventh tip is a secret tip and can harm your device, so use it with cautiousness. This feature is experimental and may disappear next time, so enjoy it before it disappears.

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