LinkedIn is proven powerful for companies and marketers looking to build their brands, generate leads and make new connections. For B2B companies, LinkedIn is a true game changer. Marketers shouldn’t wait another day to integrate LinkedIn into their online campaigns.

Here are ways the business-centric social media platform could help them:

# 1  It gathers B2B marketers: LinkedIn is surpassing other social platforms, because it is where business professionals gather. It is one of the most commonly used platforms among business professionals. Many business owners have reported that they use this platform and they plan to continue using it. It is clear that LinkedIn has become a valuable professional tool and there’s no sign of slowing down.


2#  It helps us introduce products: Even in the current digital age, many marketers are still relying on standard press releases when they want to get the word out. LinkedIn ensures an enormous impact when we want to distribute information and news to consumers and media. It is also an effective platform for launching products among B2B users.


3# It works well for lead generation: It has been suggested that LinkedIn is a very versatile platform for generating leads. It is found that it offers relatively high rate of visitor-to-lead conversion among many social networking websites. While these numbers could change over the years, there is no doubt that the social platform will always drive a large number of quality leads for businesses in B2B environment.

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4# It may establish our position as experts: LinkedIn is an ideal place for establishing leadership in distribution of ideas. Marketers are able to generate quality content for other professionals and LinkedIn could help us establish ourselves better as a brand in the industry. It is possible to position ourselves as qualified influencers in the niche. Our endorsements and recommendations should go a long way in improving our relationship.


#5 It improves professional relationships: LinkedIn should improve professional relationships and there’s no easier way to nurture online relationships. In-person connections can be solidified and people who have interacted well in LinkedIn are likely to communicate better when they finally meet in trade events, seminars and other professional situations.

By having a strong involvement in LinkedIn, we should get increased brand visibility. By properly optimizing our company page and LinkedIn profile, we should be able to increase our Google ranking. This will give us higher positions in search results. It is important to use relevant keywords in our page description and personal bio. Descriptive wording in our company name and job title is essential. Links to our posts, descriptions and profiles should also be added.

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#6 It offers unfiltered updates: LinkedIn doesn’t have filtered feed, unlike Facebook and when we post something, it will be directly shown in the follower’s feed. Our posts are shown, regardless of our previous interactions with other users. It means that our marketing efforts in campaign should be rewarded more and we won’t be filtered or hindered by the algorithm. We will be able to post regularly to improve our reach and LinkedIn has stated that we need to post 20 times each month to reach 60 percent of our audience.


#7 It helps us share content and ideas: Many B2B marketers are using LinkedIn to distribute content and apparently, LinkedIn is highly effective for this purpose. In fact, for business usages, LinkedIn ranks ahead of Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing content on LinkedIn effectively gets us in front of our potential customers and we will be able to extend our reach. Overall, LinkedIn should be a worthwhile investment for our business and we are able to attract clients easily. This will make an invaluable addition to our online marketing strategy.

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