Business greats have one thing in common – they’re all well-organized people. Most of them use every single bit of time to do a new activity or make a new plan that will help them improve their business performance. Clever time management, working with knowledgeable professionals and self-discipline are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to various productivity hacks. So, spend some time with us to get more familiar with a wide range of methods for achieving business perfection.

Long sleepers – career creepers

If we’re to believe scientists, adult people need 7-8 hours of sleep every night if they want to get proper rest and be able to cope with their daily challenges. However, when you analyze sleeping habits of some successful people, you’ll see that many of them sleep only four to six hours. For instance, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, gets about five hours of sleep per night. Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, needs the same amount of sleep. Here you can find out more about some other successful people who reduce sleep to increase their productivity.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to sleep less to achieve your goals. The main point is that you should get up and start working earlier in the morning, when your brain is still fresh.

No critic, no gain

Entrepreneurs should be open to constructive criticism. It’s extremely difficult to be a one-man band in the modern business world. Although we live in the age of high individualism, this seems to be more of a social phenomenon, than a business feature. If you think a bit about it, you’ll notice that the word team is the most important buzzword of this century. Therefore, get surrounded by talented and well-educated people if you want to become a business great. They can be a sort of your personal advisory board. Share your ideas with them, listen to their advice, confront your opinions and, most importantly, don’t turn a deaf ear to their criticism. If you follow these steps, you’ll come up with creative solutions that will take your business to a whole different level.

Mental and physical exercise

Since no force in nature can function on its own, it’s crucial that you maintain balance between your work, your body and your brain. The easiest way to keep these three elements in order is to regularly have various sessions that will improve your physical and mental condition. Firstly, go jogging at least three times a week. If you can pull it off in the early morning, it will increase your level of energy enormously. Also, do some simple exercises with your body weight.

Secondly, train your brain to eliminate negative thoughts. What you can do to achieve this is to read relaxing literature and do regular breathing exercises.

Apart from that, sometimes you can get a burst of energy from a smart pill and increase your mental capacity when you’re running on fumes in terms of productivity.

Ditch multitasking

You can often hear people how they show off with their multitasking skills. It sounds truly impressive that someone manages to talk to their business partners on Skype, write down a meeting report and have lunch at the same time. However, this practice should be abandoned. According to a piece published in the Observer, doing several activities at the same time activates too many parts of the brain, so you don’t completely commit to any of them. As a result, none of your tasks will be done properly. Therefore, instead of multitasking, break your day into dozens of consecutive tasks. That way, you won’t exhaust your brain. What’s more, it will even have some time to recover between work sessions.

Everybody would like to become successful in their niche, but our individual methods vary a lot. Nevertheless, there’s an old formula that can turn everybody into a successful professional – a lot of hard and committed work, well-planned work schedule and proper balance of business and personal thrills.

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