Best-VPNs-2016Do you know that Chinese cannot access to many popular websites? Such websites which are commonly used in many other countries? Well, let me tell you that there are no such rules in China which give you the best environment to use internet with freedom. You cannot stay connected with your friends and family on the social network while living in China. Even you don’t have any access to your favorite TV shows and blogs.

China Great Firewall Racket

China has introduced a system which censors many sites on the internet. It is commonly known as “Great Firewall”. Under this firewall, you cannot connect to different international websites. Even you cannot use them for your professional working. Great firewall is getting more sophisticated with the passage of time. It does not have any flexibility in its nature. Many VPN services got blocked due to its restrict monitoring tools.

VPN is a sole solution for all problems

If you are also fed up of strict policies of the Great firewall, just go for a VPN service. A reliable VPN connection will ensure your access to different social networking sites, blogs, and country’s specific websites. It will allow you to connect with all website which is commonly or temporarily blocked by the Chinese government.
It also ensures you safe access to different portals. Your personal data will be secure with it. Many companies use the VPNs to give their employees a secure remote access to the company network. You can also use an encrypted VPN to protect your privacy when using public networks like Wi-Fi hotspots

How the VPN works in China?

When you will setup VPN on your device, it will connect you to a different server. This would not be any local server. It will allow you to connect with other countries server. It will give you a list of servers belonging to different countries. Out of these countries, you have to select any one server. In this way, you would not be traced by the local authorities to restrict your access to blocked sites.

Let’s suppose that your VPN server is in the UK. Therefore, you can access all websites which are available in the UK but blocked in China.

Best VPN for China

In fact, China does not allow foreign companies to operate a VPN service in China. The foreign companies only get permission when they have any local partner in China. That’s the main reason which causes the unlimited restrictions on foreign VPN providers. They always are being tortured to for updating their protocols and switching ports.

Although, there are many VPN services which offer various packages for their users. These packages are suitable for some people. There are many technological updates and reliable tech support with them. However, you have to also consider other things. You should opt paid services. It will only cost you few US Dollars per month. The paid services always seem to be more reliable and easily adaptable.

Let’s discuss 2 VPNs which are working amazingly even in a tight racket of Great Firewall.


It is very trusted VPN services which are mostly used by China’s local people. They are satisfied with its performance and 24/7 customer services.

Vypr VPN is most popular among the Chinese. It is very easy to use and configure. With it, you can also choose any server from the worldwide.

It is the need of time to get connected with internet without any restriction. If you are not able to access the internet freely, then you should go for alternatives. For now, VPN services are best to eradicate the problem of limited access to the internet.

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