The general smartphones meant for adults can also be access by kids easily if they don’t have passwords. In this generation, kids tend to understand everything at a tender age hence, if they come across a smartphone with no passwords, they can go through all features. The most interesting features are the videos, music and photos whereby among them, are the phonographic materials which will ruin them at a tender age. This use of adult smartphones is ruining their academic performance at a very high percentage.

As a parent or guardian to the kids, you should set strict rules in relation to us of the smartphones in order to maintain the good morals.

When Should Kids Use Smartphones?

The manufactures have discovered features which are of good use and interesting to the kids. In other cases the kids hould not use or carry phones to school unless, they walk alone to school, take a bus alone to school or waits along time to be picked.

Many kids feel they need a phone just because their friends have and are able to access to social media. A minor should not be allowed to such until they reach the age of majority, but they feel locked out of the peer group. After school the kid can be allowed to play games using a smartphone for a period of just one hour and then turn to other activities. This helps them get tamed from always holding a smartphone and peruse to other features.

Best Smartphones for Kids

In this current generation the need to be in contact with children always has increased however use of smartphones has become the only solution. Every parent wants to be aware of their children’s whereabouts in order to monitor whether they are using smartphones appropriately. As a parent picking the right phone for the kids is not easy. The buyer have to consider some factors such as cost control, features like latest online Games, custom ringtones, texting and other notable features. There are kid-friendly tablet which keep them tamed.

The best rated tablets for kids are the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple iphone6. Parents are able to track kids through GPS, manage calls and game limitations. Following are the best smartphones for kidsFilip2 worth$150, Kajeet worth $100, LG Optimus Zone 2 worth $50 and Kurio Phone which is featured as the best worth $160

Smartphone Features Very Useful to the Parent

The LG optimus zone 2 allows parents to fine tune available features to their kids; this phone has a built in camera, access to text messaging and also comes standard with Google play store access. This phone allows record call logs made so it gives evidence of the conversation made. The Kajeet phone allows parents to block unwanted calls, track their kids location through GPS also set time limits when the phone should be used. The Fillip 2 is a wearable device used as a locator and as a phone.

This phone grants parent direct control over the watch interface and ability to set safe places for phone usage. The parent can send their kids short messages that appear on the watch main display. This device helps parent’s program outbound calls and inbound calls for a maximum of 5 numbers.

Another best phone is the Just 5 CP10S Bestinspace worth $77.50. It’s a simple smartphone for kids with large keys and bright display, making it easily accessible by kids. The parent can program a specific set of emergency numbers to phones special SOS button. With a simple push of the phones button the user is able to send an emergency message to at least 5 numbers. This phone has a flash light which works even if the phones battery dies.


Smartphones with new technology were once considered as a luxury for adults but it becoming a necessity even for kids. These phones help a parent to locate the whereabouts of the kids. They are also very essential in times of emergency. These smartphones also help kids submit their assignments through email. Through use of these smartphones you can be sure that they arrived safely at a specific destination. Smartphones are used also as way of breaking school boredom it can be done by allowing them play games through the phones for some time.

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