Do you love virtual reality ? If yes this is for you, Sony announce its Morpheus VR headset to be ship in 2015.  You will have live movies, games experience with the launch of Morpheus VR headset.

If you are a gamer and a movie lover then you will love this device a lot. You don’t need to hold anything to your hands to control anything. Everything is on your head that would give you real live world experience.

Last year in GDC (Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco Sony had Unveiled its virtual reality headset named Project Morpheus and now company finally announce to release it on the first half of 2016.

Sony Morpheus VR headset will Launch in 2016

Features of Morpheus VR headset

You might be exciting to know the specifications of Sony’s Morpheus VR headset here are some features that has been announced by sony yet still many more features to come but not yet announced

1920 x 1080 RGB OLED display

120hz refresh rate and “super low latency

5.7-inch display and a 100 degree field of view

It uses Nine LEDs for positional tracking

One of the great features of Morpheus VR headset is the ability to push the headset off your face to peek at the real world without having to completely remove the headset.

Sony Morpheus VR headset price has not been revealed yet but hold your cash in your pocket price of Morpheus VR headset will be released soon.

Stay updated with us son we will let you know the price of Morpheus VR headset and its release date so that you can pre-order it.

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