The world is moving at a supersonic speed, the internet has definitely evolved to fulfill your many needs. It is the dream of every internet user to get information in just one click. If the speed of your Internet connection is slow, it can harm your business as well as your personal growth. There are a number of ways… to speed up Internet without change your service provider. You may try some of the following tips to speed internet connection:

Speed Up Your Internet Connection

1) Call your Internet service provider (ISP) and check whether they are performing their tasks properly and giving the promised service you are paying for. Remember, only a few users are getting the high internet speed because of congestion, distance exchange, and traffic shaping.

2) Configure your web browser so that it won’t display video, pictures, sound, flash, animations, or any other multimedia content.

3) Try to surf when Internet traffic is not more. As I have noticed, heaviest traffic on the internet is usually in the evening and on weekends.

4) Manage your temp internet files, cache effectively. You need to clear these items periodically.

5) Try to Upgrade your modem and contact your Internet service provider to confirm that this configured correctly.

6) You may change your telephone modem with a fast access connection like ISDN, wave, DSL, satellite, a cable modem and so on. It will help you to send and receive the data quickly.

7) If you are using router device, try to adjust some settings in the router.

8) There are many programs and applications run in the background in your computer that will use your bandwidth, such as Windows live messenger, Windows OS Update, Skype communication application, Real media player, Adobe updates, and other similar application. Most of them usually execute automatically when you start your Windows and connect to the Internet. You need to configure these applications not to start on Windows log-on time or to at least ask for permission to get connect to the internet.

9) If you feel that the speed of your Internet connection has dropped all of a sudden for no apparent cause, check your system for Spyware and Malware. These malicious applications often make use of your Internet connection to send data to its developers. The spyware program is like to viruses in that they come unannounced and unexpected to proceed to do something undesired activity.

10) keep your computer safe from security threats and do regular maintenance like registry repair, disk cleanup, disk defrag, and other operating like monitoring your startup items and optimizing Windows services.

Enjoy your Hi-Speed Internet connection service, and keep your dreams alive! Visit What Is Geofencing for more information.

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