Ransomware Virus is a malicious software designed by a Group of Attackers. Basically, it blocks the access to the Computer System. Unless you pay them money (Ransom) for using your own computer. Our this article is based on How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware Virus?

For being safe against any action taken against them. The Attackers demand money in the form of Bitcoins. For People who aren’t aware of bitcoins, it is a money which isn’t on the record of government. The current rate of 1 Bitcoin is 1767.95 US Dollars.

Once the victim pays them the amount, the attacker provides them the key to decrypt their file. The virus gets into your system either through the unknown links or from the phishing emails. Once the virus enters the system, it takes control of the whole system and encrypts all the files.

Experts are currently working on the solution of this problem. Till then, all the computer users need to follow the rule of Prevention is better than cure.

Ransomware Attacks

The Ransomware Attacks first showed their appearance in the beginning of the year 2013. Recently, the world is going through The Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack. As of now, around 75000 People across over hundred countries are under the effect of this Ransomware Attack. They have got threatening messages in as many as 20 languages for demanding money or else to lose access to their files.

Many large organizations are suffering because of these Ransomware Attacks. Some of those who have suffered aren’t accepting because of loss of creditability of the organization if the news goes out.

Under such circumstances, it has become a necessity for a person to know the steps to be safe against the Ransomware Attacks. And to know ways for Ransomware Virus Protection.

Ransomware Virus Protection

Ransomware can get on to your Computer System from about any source that some other malware such as any virus can originate from. The sources of such virus include:

  • Going to risky, suspicious, or fake sites.
  • Opening messages and email links from people who you don’t even know, or from those from whom you weren’t anticipating.
  • By clicking on malicious or awful links in messages, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking posts, instant messenger chat applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp as well as Skype.

It can be extremely hard to reestablish your PC after a ransomware attack. Especially, if it’s contaminated by encryption ransomware. That is the reason the best way to be safe from the Ransomware Attack is to stay protected on the Internet and from the messages and online talk from unknown sources.

  • Try not to click on any web link on a site page, in an email, or in an online message unless you totally trust and know about the page or sender.
  • In case you’re ever uncertain – don’t click on any unknown link!
  • Regularly fake messages and website pages have terrible spelling, or simply look bizarre. Pay special mind to peculiar spellings of organization names (such as “PayePal” rather than “PayPal”) or strange spaces, images, or punctuation (such as “iTunesCustomer Service” rather than “iTunes Customer Service”).

Other ways to prevent Ransomware Attacks are:

  1. Apply the patches to the Windows frameworks as prescribed by The Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010.
  2. Keep up refreshed updated programming.
  3. Keep and frequently update an offline database of necessary documents. Preferably, reinforcements of information through Data Backup should be kept up on independent devices such as Hard Disk or Pendrive.
  4. Organizations interfacing with the Internet through Enterprise Edge or Perimeter Network Devices [UDP 137, 138 and TCP 139, 445] should disable their SMB ports or cripple SMBv1.
  5. Users and Administrators of very older Windows frameworks, for example, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008, and Server 2003 must upgrade to the Microsoft Security Packs or they should apply for a newer version of Windows.

Ransomware Virus Decrypt

For decrypting your files affected from the Ransomware Attack, follow the below given steps:


First of all, you need to remove the Ransomware Virus from your Computer System. You can use Spy Hunter tool for the removal of the virus.

Shadow Clone Restoration

Then you have to restore your files from their shadow copies. You have to accomplish this task before restoring the decryptors. Otherwise, Ransomware Virus might delete your files. If the attackers notice that you are trying to decrypt the files, they might delete them permanently.

Download Date Recovery Pro Tool and Start scanning your system affected with the Ransomware Virus. Once scanning is completed, click on the Recover Button to get your files back.


There are many Decryption Tools available online that can decrypt your files. But you need to select the most appropriate one. For that visit ID Ransomware. It is an online tool which lets you know the most accurate Decrypt Tool for your files. All you have to do is to upload the Ransom Note on their website and an Encrypted File as a sample.

Once they analyze all the data, they will let you know the most appropriate Decrypt tool for your system.


Based on the Decryptor Tool they suggested, you have to scan the system through that tool.

Waiting for a Solution

It will take some time and you might be able to decrypt your files successfully. If not, then other Decryptor Tools are available for you, which you can try. The Most Accurate decryptor tool is yet to be invented for Ransomware Attacks. Till then we can follow these steps for being safe against the Ransomware Attacks.

Ransomware Virus Decrypt Tool

We are yet to discover the Decryptor Tool for the Ransomware Virus. Even though many Anti Virus Companies have released some Decryptor Tools on their own. The user can detect the kind of Ransomware Virus which has affected their system by going through the characteristics of the Encrypted Files.

Before you utilize these Decryptor Tools, First of all, you have to use some good Antivirus Programming or Ransomware Removal tool to expel the ransomware. After following this step only, you must use these Ransomware files Decryptor Tools. But, in case that you have moved your Encrypted Files to another Independent secure framework, you can directly use these Decryptor Tools.

The best protection Against Ransomware Attack is to keep it away fromyour framework. Users are hereby urged to keep following safe security measures in order to remain safe against the possible threat of the Ransomware Attacks:

  1. Ensure you have regular offline as well as cloud data backup of your most essential and basic date.
  2. Make sure that you are continually applying the most recent basic updates and fixes them to your framework OS and another key programming.
  3. Introduce the most recent versions of and apply best practice arrangements of security arrangements.


In the above article, we described possible ways on How to Stay Protected Against Ransomware Virus? We depicted before you various preventive measures to be safe against the Ransomware Attacks. Moreover, we also described to you various possible methods of Decrypting your files with the help of Decryptor Tool. We Hope that these steps would be helpful to you for getting your data back or saving it from the ill effect of the Ransomware Attacks.

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