3 Types of Digital Marketing Career Paths

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Digital marketing is one of the most flexible industries currently. It not only offers significant flexibility regarding where you work (in an office or remotely), but it also provides a whole array of types of work that you can choose from depending on your personal skill levels. The truth of

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5 Methods to Give Your Online Presence the Quickest Boost

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As a new business on the market, you’ll find a plethora of guides and walkthroughs that suggest patience, however, patience and inactivity are not one and the same. Sure, when your business starts growing, you’ll find out that the digital footprint of your business grows exponentially and not linearly. This

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How SEO and SEM Add Value to Small Businesses

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It is no secret that many businesses are finding success on online platforms. Whether via websites or blogging or social media platforms, it has become necessary for businesses, both large and small, to make their presence felt online. A small business can enjoy success online by strategically, methodically and comprehensively

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Optimal eCommerce Toolkit

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For any craft or trade, there are two things you need. The first one is the skill required to set yourself apart from the competition, while the second is having quality tools of the trade. Even the best carpenter wouldn’t be able to do much with a saw that constantly

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How Google Update Will Affect SEO in 2016

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As the rules on the Internet are always changing, Internet users and webmasters need to adapt to them. No matter if those changes are induced by Google or by the growing number of competitive websites, everybody who participates in the online community has to be ready for innovations. Among those

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