Most Efficient Marketing Methods for One-person Startups

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Starting a one-man company is an idea that has so many benefits. First of all, you get to call all the shots, make all the calls and grow the company at your own pace. The cost of running a one-person startup is incredibly low and you don’t have to worry

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Starting a Startup Initial Considerations and Essentials

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You might be looking forward to launching your startup and, yes, it will be an amazing experience, but keep in mind that it is also an incredibly serious endeavor which will require courage, strength and a lot of careful planning and preparation. Things like these should never be rushed, so

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How to Strengthen a Brand at Startup Beginnings

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Founding a new business consists of dozens of details that affect the results that business yields. Moreover, running it successfully means that you’ve managed to convince people your brand is something different, inevitable for their everyday lives. This process is called branding and it plays a major role in spreading

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Why Startups Should Leave Marketing to Professionals

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When you are at the beginning of your business adventure, you think that you can do everything on your own. From attending business meetings and negotiating business conditions to organizing your employees and devising marketing strategies, you want to control everything. It is your own business and you want to

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