Zakiya Randall ‘Z’ who has been winning in golf since she began, is cementing her niche in innovation.

Golfer Zakiya Randall, nicknamed ‘Z’, has been a golfer and internet golf phenom since she was 10 years old. She not only plays golf, but also wins at life off the course. The internet golf phenom has been active in paving the way for promoting youth issues and the organizations that help the youth. She is using her internet fame to good effect.

She has the ability to bring out huge fans continues both online and on the course. She is making people around the world watch her on their devices and on their Smart TV’s. Bringing fans to enjoy Female Golf as a Sport. Her uniqueness in continually being involved with the youth and uniting with Generation-Z, while she was also rising as a golf star is unmatched. Aside from being an outstanding golfer, it is her work off the course that sets her apart from other golfers. She is appearing to be taking a page out of some of the most entrepreneurial and prominent business leaders in terms of being involved with the community.

She is a game changer by many who watched her on CNN. From her numerous Speaking engagements to motivating the youth, she has become a humanitarian.

Talk gadgets and cool tech products and she might just be somewhere inspiring Generation-Z to invent the ‘Next Big Thing’. Her cool and sporty golf clothing made of some of the latest engineered fabrics, has a nation stating that she could become ‘Bigger than Golf’. Within her Logo, the design is geared towards a new monolithic expression of bringing golf and technology together, so the excitement continues for the golf phenom from millennials, generation-z and all the boomers. Sports fans are just eagerly awaiting for ‘Z’ to continually be on all their gadgets and electronic devices.For gaming lovers and Generation-Z what could be better than to have some of the latest technological inventions embedded in there favorite gaming methods combined with Golfer ‘Z’.

While her high-tech fashionable Blue Golf Outfits reminds one of the AT&T Blue Logo and AT&T Connects, it also symbolizes all things new and innovative from Elon Musk(Tesla), Google,Facebook, Twitter and Intel. Even some of the golf wear she has gives a kaleidoscope pattern with a feel of virtual reality.  All emerging and multinational is becoming a mantra when she is

described by her fans.

With her being a First in winning at Major Golf related Events, she has become so engaging to many around the world. With her large plethora of trophies, she says when she speaks at events, she gets standing ovations and further demonstrates her love for her fans. She has lead numerous leadership and development programs around the nation to inspire the youth.

Golfer ‘Z’, since appearing on Television and becoming a TV Golf Star, she is changing the future, chip-by-chip. Golfer ‘Z’ and Generation-Z, going where the world is going.

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