These startups all had dreams that they accomplished with which they inspire other potential startup-owners.

Ah, startups, the companies that are put up in order to build up and validate a potential business model. Startups aren’t always easy but there are many experts offering advice on how to start them. In India, there have been many promising startups coming up and we are breaking some down. Now these are specifically technology focused ones that will inspire you if you are maybe thinking of starting off a business of your own! With unique customer approaches and themes, here they are.


  1. SumoLogic

First on our list is SumoLogic, a tech-based startup website that serves better options in monitoring metrics. Not only that, but it is a cloud log-management solution made by IT specialists catering to all customers. SumoLogic is a startup that focuses on the theory of “continuous intelligence”. It is a healthy approach that their team works on in order to shift the customer’s focus on continuous innovation. From social media platform, Twitter to Marriott, this startup has some of the biggest names as its customers and have helped them change machine data into continuous intelligence.


  1. Newton

A simplicity filled startup aiming at “modernizing” email today, Newton provides customers with space-age features for an effective business communication. They have worked with various companies and are also a proud winner of one of the Internet’s highest award, The Webbys for Visual Design. Newton is a modest app trying to make a difference that no one tried to in the past three decades of email being a part of technology.


  1. Mobstac

Using “Digital engagement for the physical world” as their slogan, this startup offers proximity marketing amongst other things for small and big companies so relevant offers and rewards could be given to long-time customers of their clients. Mobstac started with the aim of innovating a way to bring physical and digital worlds together. Initially starting with helping clients build websites that were mobile friendly and worked effortlessly on pc devices, they have now adapted two systems that help clients achieve their customer-approach goals, Beaconstac and WiFire.


  1. Witworks

A consumer technology company, Witworks is responsible for creating smart connected devices that are easily used in the homely parts of life. With a wearable platform called ‘Marvin OS,’ Witworks is attempting to create an impeccable wrist device named Blink. This startup is known for providing a perfectly executed customer reaction to their products. They are said to make self-proclaimed “products that one would fall in love with”.


  1. Fushioncharts

Basically, a JavaScript library, Fushioncharts allows customers to customize these charts according to their preference. With over 27,000 customers all over the world currently, the startup was born merely from being inspired by an article written about wanting more allowance (pocket money). Believe it or not, it was started by a 17-year-old who had zero experience in the business world at the time. It is quite inspiring to see their journey since 2002, which they have managed to draft in a book of their own. A similar company was started out of the passion for something and was called iThingum.


Well, there you have it. We hope that these startups have ignited a certain spark in you and if they have, feel free to follow their stories more in depth. It is quite amazing to see how these founders have built up their companies to the level they have with blood, sweat and tears sacrificed. Also, it is nice to see how India as a country is also developing with regards to providing worthy startups.

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