Phones are no longer simply a tool used to call somebody, they’re the Swiss Army Tool of electronic devices. They’re used to pay for goods, listen to music and check our emails, just to name a few things that phone users now take for granted. That means that when your phone develops a fault or is accidentally dropped down the toilet, it can feel catastrophic.


There are many options for fixing your beloved phone, including online services like Fix Finder. Since your phone is so precious, you may be wary about handing it over to an online service to save it. However, worry not! Below are some of the misconceptions about online phone repairs, and just how it can be the best option for your cellular casualty.


Misconception One: It Will Cost Too Much

It may feel like it’d be cheaper to buy a new phone than repair your old one, but that simply isn’t the case. Self Growth points out that if you shop around for repair quotes, it can often be a lot cheaper to repair your phone than you think. Of course, sometimes there are rare cases where you would be better off financially buying a new handset, but shopping around lets you know for sure.


Misconception Two: Third Party Technicians Aren’t Trustworthy

People are often wary about going to a third party, as they feel that they aren’t as trustworthy as the big brands. However, if you check out user reviews on sites like Fix Finder, you’ll find that 99 percent of third party technicians do quality work. After all, as Etech Parts says, these companies rely on community trust to run their businesses.


Misconception Three: Sending a Phone for Repair Will Void the Warranty

If your phone has suffered accidental damage such as a cracked screen or water damage, you’ll find that the typical one year warranty of most phones has already been voided. If you take your phone back to the manufacturer or to a big box store, rather than fixing your phone they may try and sell you an upgrade. Sending it for repair means that you’ll save money in the long run, not to mention helping the environment in the process by not unnecessarily throwing a handset onto the scrapheap.


Misconception Four: Broken Phones Aren’t Worth Selling

If you really don’t want to repair your phone, or can’t repair it, it may feel like you’re out of luck and will just have to shell out for a new one. Before you do though, check out phone buying services online. FixFinder is one of many places online that let you compare buyers, so you can get the best price for your phone, even if it is broken.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to get a good price for your phone repair online. Be smart with your money, hold onto your beloved handset and go green into the bargain by repairing your phone, rather than buying a new one.

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