Now a number of Gadgets facilitate the taking of a selfie. Children, Youngsters and old also enjoy taking a Selfie, and capturing the brightest and happiest moment in them. And many are addicted to Selfies and posting them with their friend, all you can get here is the way to improvise your work.
We can provide you with a list of top selfie android apps that can improvise your Selfie capturing. These selfie android apps help in easily managing your selfies and taking pictures these days. So chose an app for your Android Device that suits you and experiment on your techniques.

We all love application for its one unique feature, and we often download many apps for each feature such as calling, video calling, and chat. Being a User of IMO App, I would recommend you to download this application.

Here are the list of best selfie apps for android smartphones :

Perfect 365

It is a best selfie android app which covers a lot of tools the basic ones are Smoothing skin, nixing under-eye circles, whiten teeth, and other beauty trends customize your unique style get complexions of a model with this tools. You can look better with a perfect mixture of effects on the selfies.
Best Part: It is Easy to use, Fun and provides satisfying result.

Candy Camera for Selfie

Candy camera provides a beautiful user interface and great options for easy photo editing. And a on screen option of sharing the images on Social medias. It supports 100 + unique artistic Filters. Candy Camera can help you beautify all your selfies with a single stroke of a touch; features include removing blemishes, slimming you, applying makeup and many more.
Best Part: User Interface is brilliant, and features are also unique.

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX includes a very good feature that enables you to take a self-snap with a clap of a shout. This app can help in getting a lot of people into the frame. Features include timer, Stable shot, HDR mode, Silent camera mode, collage etc for your selfie smartphone.
Best Part: Fastest camera app, fun camera shutter animations voice activated and the best photo model


Self-studio is an another best selfie apps for android which uses a clever technology of illuminating the phone screen and gets you a bright selfie. These are the most common problems of front facing cameras and a low light selfie can be avoided with this android selfie app. But this app only supports a Front-facing camera. Features include timer, silent shoot, Auto reverse, Volume key shutter and social media share.
Best Part: Brighten your selfie, Full control of lightning conditions. Various features to maximize the flashing effects

Selfie camera

Selfie camera is an Android application that can surely help in taking Selfies with your friends, family and yours. This app does not have a editing functionality but when opened it starts your Front camera instead of the Rear camera. But this app helps in taking selfie with all the means. You can share it through social media.
Best Part: Simple, can get you faster access to front camera on any conditions. And the application is light weight that allows to take your best selfies with your smartphones.

VSCO cam

The best Selfie apps for android, which provides a ton of tools for editing and making a lot of your selfie. VSCO cam will generate the best photos your camera could. The app let you make post-shot adjustments to brightness, contrasts, saturations and sharpness. These are the tools which we could find in any editing software, but you get it on your camera while taking a click. This app can be used for standard mobile photography. Features include VSCO grid, Sync and Edit, editing tools
Best Part: Brilliant app, Great Filters, Optimized image Processing.

It is time to perfect you Selfies with these amazing tools available in market. Download them, Get those heavy editing tools in your pocket and put your best selfie with these top Selfie apps.

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