As a marketing specialist, your goal would be to market your, or your client’s Company. This majorly requires you to monitor results of every effort you put in to have a better ranking on major search engines. You can do that without any hassle as well as effectively with the help of a measuring tool.

Research has been going on since a very long time to invent such tools that generate reliable reports and data either for your own website or any of your client’s website. Now, after trying a new tool – not technically new as it’s been in the market five years, but they recently announced the launch of the 2.0 version, a greatly advanced and improved version of SEO Rank Monitor.

Here are some Great Features of SEO Rank Monitor 

  1. Accurate ranking results

seo rank

You get reliable data without manual checking on any of the search engines. However, the superior aspect about this comprehensive tool is that it provides you ranking results that are highly accurate, for a specific keyword or a group of keywords.

  1. Track ranking from several search engines as well as locations

Seo rank monitor 2

It allows tracking of your rankings on various search engines and multiple locations. The users can easily verify their position for any three search engines in a single result, which implies that you don’t need to modify your settings every time you wish to check your rankings from a desirable search engine.

  1. Check the change in ranking between two dates

seo rank monitor 3

This unique feature of this tool lets you see your performance at any given time and dates, in addition, it presents a colourful rankings overview chart, including your 10 highest performing keywords, as well as your website stats for a desktop and a mobile browser.

  1. Mobile ranking data


Apart from checking your websites mobile and desktop speed, you can also generate separate reports with this tool for a phone like it does for/on the desktop. You can easily access this SEO tool with mobile phone sue to its excellent responsive design.

  1. User-friendly interface

The tool’s user-friendly interface lets you easily and effectively navigate through it. All the contents scripted on its labels (including some icons) enable the user to better understand, read, and share data. Also, the colours of the icons are extremely pleasing to the eye.

  1. Keep an eye out on all your competitors

SEO Rank Monitor offers you and your competitors’ comparison report – their specific keyword rankings and the chronological date report of that keyword.
Your competitors’ performance on mobile phone and desktop can be tracked on several search engines.

  1. Easy report for clients

Exporting reports in PDF, or CSV file, or Microsoft excel formats using a generated URL directly with your clients has never been easier. After they finish improvising this version, you will be capable to set up any number of email reports that can be sent automatically on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.


  1. It takes time to pull data. The first time you create any kind of campaign, it may to need up to 20 hours to fetch your results. The time requirement mainly depends on the number of keywords and competitors, and the speed of your internet connection.
  2. Any sort of tutorial is not available. If you are not familiar with exploration and navigation using such tools, then, initially you’ll find it difficult to employ it.
  3. Based on your plan, the number of keywords is limited.


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