Did you ever decide to quit smoking only to end up buying a pack of cigarettes just a few days later? Well, you’re not alone. The decision to quit smoking can be made in a second and in that moment you are determined, motivated, and driven. However, somehow there is no success. You have thought of numerous ideas to quit smoking, but you never imagined lighter could be the key. In this article, you will find out how you can quit smoking with the smart lighter, Quitbit Lighter.


What is Quitbit lighter?

Quitbit was founded just two years ago, in 2013, by two Brown University graduates who were trying to come up with an effective way to quit smoking. They realized their failures to quit smoking were down to one reason – inability to track how much they smoke in the first place. To fix that problem, they came up with the world’s first smart lighter – Quitbit Lighter.

Quitbit lighter is a lighter that tracks your smoking. It comes with a built-in display and can wirelessly connect with the app you install on your phone to provide feedback you can use to make a smart decision regarding smoking.

Benefits of Quitbit lighter

Quitbit lighter is everything but ordinary lighter. Here are some of its benefits:


  • Doesn’t require gas or flame to light a cigarette – it does it with the powerful heating coil.
  • It only tracks your smoking which means you are, actually, able to share it with your friend or relight your cigarette without counting twice.
  • Quitbit lighter is fully rechargeable, and a single charge lasts about a week.
  • Automatically tracks every time you have a cigarette.
  • The lighter is synched to your phone that is another benefit – you won’t lose your lighter again.
  • It is supported on iOS and Android devices where you can customize its performances.




When a certain object is described as “smart” you expect a lot of useful features to come with it. Quitbit lighter is no exception and here are all the features you have with the purchase of this lighter to help you quit smoking:

  • Statistics – the Quitbit app shows your trends, and you can see when you’re smoking most and learn how your smoking habits affect other aspects of your health e.g. activity, weight, etc.
  • Quitbit app also shows how much money you saved as you’re reducing your smoking.
  • The lighter is completely customizable, and accessing Quitbit app lets you set achievable goals and targets. When you achieve a certain goal, it will serve as motivation to keep going.
  • Limit your smoking by setting limits to how often Quitbit can work.
  • Share your progress with friends and family or to other people who are trying to quit smoking just like you via Quitbit community.

Setting up Quitbit lighter

When you purchase Quitbit lighter, you have to set it up first to start quitting smoking with the help of this gadget. Here is how to do it:


  • Plug in Quitbit using the USB cable and charger
  • Download and install Quitbit programmer from the link provided on the company’s website
  • While your lighter is plugged into the computer, run the programmer and follow instructions
  • You will get a special link to download the app
  • Hold the button on Quitbit for a few seconds until the Bluetooth sign appears to activate Bluetooth discovery
  • Open the app and navigate to Settings section where you have to click on “Connect New Quitbit” to pair devices
  • Your phone and lighter are paired, and you’re ready to customize and explore.

How does it work?

Quitbit lighter is very simple. It takes notes whenever you light a cigarette and tracks how long it has been since you smoked. Information is passed onto the app that enables you to track your smoking when you smoked, and when you are most likely to light up a cigarette.

Moreover, it uses your GPS to track your smoking history that lets you know what the places where you smoke the most are. If you set limits on the app, the lighter will refuse to light a cigarette after you’ve smoked too much already, depending on the number of cigarettes you chose.

According to the creators, Quitbit lighter can help you quit smoking completely, reduce your dependence, or track smoking so you can have your habit under the control. It’s especially practical for the use of powerful heating element (like car lighter) so you can never “run out of gas” and the fact you can charge it just like any other device.


Can I use the lighter with e-cigarettes, nicotine patches or gum?

Yes. The beauty of Quitbit is the ability to use it any way that works best for you.

Can I take it on the plane?

The lighter is TSA approved.

What if I light a candle with it, will it count as a cigarette?

Quitbit uses special algorithms that recognize cigarettes, you can use it to light anything you want, but it only counts and tracks cigarettes.


Quitbit lighter is a great gadget for all people who want to keep their habit under control or completely quit smoking. If you can track your habit, you have the freedom and motivation to manage it.





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