Somewhere in the middle of 2015, there were around 900 million active users. Moreover, 75% of those users use it on their mobile devices (, May 2015). These scary numbers point out that something that big is extremely influential. Being that widely and frequently used speaks volumes about Google’s ability to provide good service and work with so many data circulating at the same time. This, together with their ability to understand their clients’ needs, make them excellent choice when it comes to choosing apps used for business. Here are some of the reasons why Google apps are such a great idea.


Effective Wiki System

Google Sites is a great wiki systems through which is possible to spread the knowledge within the company. New ideas, ongoing processes, HR department and every other part of the company can have its Google Site and all the needed info on it. Users can add more info, edit the existing one and delete or create new pages. It is the best way to share the facts among the employees.

Easy Collaboration

While there are other big companies that have their own office like apps, they seem to have neglected the idea of collaboration in them. With Google Docs, it is easy to share the document, work on it together in real time and even chat while doing it at the same window. All the changes and alterations are logged and shown and you can go forth and back with the versions of the same document. Moreover, Calendar is easily synced and shared and all the meetings an events can be transferred to it. If you book a flight online and get an email of confirmation, the Calendar will offer to mark it. The collaboration is very easy and smooth.

Great Compatibility

Especially if you are using the Managed Google Apps and the paid, business version of it, you will not have problems opening any sort of document with any sort of extension. Moreover, the documents made in different types of Google Apps can be transferred from one to another and used as such. For example, a Doc file can be easily used in a presentation without difficulties or conversion.


Easy and Diverse Ways of Communication

Threaded email system has been the trademark of Gmail since the beginning. Besides the plain emailing, there are also the Hangouts that support the video conferencing, as well as textual messages. Sharing the documents can be done in the form of the attachment, but also in forms of links to the cloud location of the given documents. Google+ also allows easy storing and browsing of the documents shared with a person, which makes it very handy.

Google also has the Google Analytics apps which is impossible to overlook when it comes to the relevance of your website and the data concerning its success. Therefore, even if you don’t plan on turning solely to Google, make the most of its apps even if it’s just for a part of your business process.

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