If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford to buy a property, then first of all Congratulations! Buying a property is a big deal in India. Owning one’s own house is a matter of great pride in India and many view it as a necessity as well. While choosing a property one always considers the house size and budget, and its distance from ones work place. But there are various other important things to consider in ones neighborhood before finalizing the house. You destination can be Real Estate Lucknow or Goa, but always make sure you factor in these neighborhood conditions for a good quality of life.

Fun/ Entertainment- While choosing ones house, a person definitely considers the commuting time between work and office, and rightly so, because one travels the most between work place and home. But while considering your home distance from your work place, don’t forget another major factor. What will you do when you are not working? How are you going to spend your free time? Recreational time is very crucial for peace of mind and healthy living. Does your neighborhood have avenues for your hobbies? What about entertainment? Are there malls, restaurants, theatres, play grounds etc in your neighborhood?

Society Rules- Many metro cities have society in the buildings which have a plethora of rules and regulations. The society fee is just one of the many things. Have a word with them and check if they have any rules that can be a problem for you later on.

Taxes- Different localities come under different municipality and different police stations. And as the municipalities differ sometimes the laws also differ. The property taxes and other rules change as you cross borders. So don’t assume anything, Do a thorough research of the property rules and taxes in your area before buying a property.

Connectivity- Connectivity is crucial when choosing a new neighborhood. Look up for the different cable TV providers in your area and find out the rates. Same is the case with internet providers. Different areas have different internet providers and the plans differ. Not all areas have very high speed internet connectivity. If your work heavily depends on internet connectivity, you will be in trouble if you don’t check these things before hand.

Also same is the case with mobile network providers. Even though the network providers in our country have tried and improved the services, there are still many areas that have poor reception. When you visit your to be property, check for the reception in different corners of the room. Also check which providers have good connectivity in your area.

Noise- Many don’t pay attention to the noise factor before buying the house as they visit the house during their convenient time and don’t see any signs of noise pollution. Check if your house is close to railway stations, factories, clubs or bars. If you house is too close to the road, chances are during the day time and during peak traffic hours there is a lot of noise from traffic and honking vehicles. While some people like to be in the middle of a lot of activity, for others it can be a big burden. Barking dogs too can be a big problem for neighborhoods especially at night. Speak to your neighbors and see if they have any issues with the neighborhood.

Walking- Make sure there are a lot of things like parlors, cafes, restaurants, stationary shops, medical stores etc, which are at a walking distance from your place. Else you’ll be spending a lot of time and money on travel.

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