Once you started a newsletter you need visitors to send it to, right? To increase your subscriber list you need to encourage sign-ups in all aspects of your content, marketing, social media, and branding.

Here are some tips on growing your email list.

This is an essential thing you have to do, put a sign-up form to your site and/or blog. How do people sign-up for your newsletter if they have no idea you have one? Also, ensure you highlight your opt-in form across your site.

You might consider creating a pop-up for people to encourage sign-ups rather than hiding a little sign-up box in the bottom.
Be sure to promote your newsletter across your sites/blogs and other medias. Put in proactive subscription approach (call to action button) by the end of every blog post, in your YouTube videos, or any other content. Make sure to include share buttons in every email messages. You can also encourage your existing list to share your sites by adding a ‘share’ buttons.

Add a Subscribe link at the bottom of your e-mail so if someone comes from an email forwarded to them it’s possible for them to subscribe.
Also, let your potential clients know what they’re registering for. Will they get e-mails every week from you of your latest content and your progress that particular week? Should you alert them about every sale, services, or to an exclusive invitation? Consider providing a sneak peek or samples of what they’ll get. Provide them with a sample or a screenshot of the email you send to members to allow them to decide if your messages will be highly relevant to them.

It’s a good idea to provide your audience options by creating different sign-up types. This can be some sort of email such as Daily Deals, Events, Sales, and also how often they’d prefer to receive email.
Another tip on growing your email list is to perform a special promotion or giveaway that will require their email to be inputted. This will be something they cannot get anywhere else. A first glimpse of your brand new e-Book or your new online course? Send that email.

Exclusive discount rates, behind the scenes content, or a giveaway will work too. You must only ask for must-have information. When your sign-up form requests too many information, cut it right down to only what’s essential.
The last thing to grow your email list is the anti-spam insurance policy.

Let your clients know you will only send them relevant content they have opted directly to get and assure them their personal data will be save.

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