Mobile phones are getting upgraded every now and then which results in decreasing of batteries to run the system. So, a long lasting and efficient battery backup can be achieved by these new best power banks of 2017. It is necessary to understand that nominating a perfect alternative established on your needs can be staggering when it comes to best power banks in the market. Hence to make things easier, we have designated the supreme and latest power banks for you.

These are the important features to be spotted while buying a Best power banks:

Capacity of power bank: First find the battery capacity of your phone. The higher the mAh of the power bank, the more you can charge your device. The mAh of the power bank you choose should be at least twice the battery capacity of your mobile. This way, it will charge you’re mobile two times

Type of battery: Pay attention to the type of cells — Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer — used in the power bank. Li-ion is cheap and easily available. Li-poly cells, on the other hand, are more expensive, but provide twice as much charge density per unit weight. So it’s better to go for Lithium Polymer batteries instead of lithium ion as they are safe, more lightweight and better quality.

Number of Ports: Larger capacity battery packs also usually come with more than one USB charging ports. Naturally, more ports cost more money, and the number of ports you should go for depends on how many devices you carry.
Here are the most optimized and Best power banks of 2017:

  1. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10400 mAh)

Xiaomi can be characterized for creating a new power bank battleground for players in India. While there were many powerful power banks available in India before Xiaomi introduced theirs last year, it sparked a new battle by developing the design and performance standards while bringing the price down equivalently.

RRP: Rs 999

  1. Asus Zen Power (10050 mAh)

It was launched in India on April 23, the Asus Zen Power will have a drastic sale confirmed the company. It is lighter and smaller than the Mi Power Bank. It created a trademark with most optimized features associated with the low cost.

RRP: Rs 1,499

  1. OnePlus Power Bank (10000 mAh)

OnePlus recently launched their 10000 mAh power bank in India. Unlike Asus’ and Xiaomi’s power banks, the 10000 mAh OnePlus Power Bank evolves dual USB ports that enable two electronic devices to be connected and charged simultaneously. It is exclusively available on Amazon. In with two colours – Silk White and Sandstone Black.

RRP: Rs 1,399

  1. Huawei Honor AP007 (13000 mAh)

Launched in India last week, it is more powerful than the above three. The colour is available in grey; the Huawei power bank is available exclusively on Flipkart. Like the one from OnePlus, it also contains dual USB ports. Once fully charged, it is claimed to charge an iPhone 6 for at least four times.

RRP: Rs 1,399

  1. PNY BE-740 (10400 mAh)

Featuring a cylindrical design, it has a Lithium-ion battery with a charge capacity of 10400 mAh. The power bank accommodates a built-in LED torch and a power level indicator that manifest you about how much charge remains in the power bank.

RRP: Ranges from Rs 1,100 and Rs 1,450

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