Many different virus are there in our current digital Era to create bugs in our smartphones. Some of the symptoms which can prove that you are having virus in your smartphones are your phone does not work properly, some functions and application stop working, your phone hangs frequently and many more problems. So here I am going to list down Top 10 Best Antivirus App For Android which you can download on your android phone and save your smartphone from virus and your all data will be safe.

Virus can come any time from any thing. The main thing from which the virus arrives in mobile phones is the files which we are downloading from the internet. Some of the files are already having virus attached in it and when you download the file the virus automatically occurs and start creating problems in your android phone.

Why to Keep Best antivirus app in your android in your Smartphone

As I mentioned above there are many ways by which any kind of virus can occur in your android phone and can harm your system. The first main to save your data is always take a backup of your data so that if the data is lost then it is safe somewhere else.

It is important to keep antivirus in android not only android but any smartphones so it can save your phone from virus. Antivirus always show you a warning message whenever a virus is detected and scan your device and fix the bugs. This is one of the most important reason which will make you download antivirus, In today’s date many different antivirus are available on google play store you can download any one of them. Now I am going to list some best antivirus apps that can secure and prevent your precious data.

#2  “360-Security Antivirus Boost for Android Phones”.

 360-Security Antivirus Boost for Android Phones


#2 “Anti-Virus”



3# “AVG-Antivirus Security”.

Avg Anti Virus Security


4#  “AVAST- Mobile Security”.

Avast Security

#5 Bitdefender Antivirus”.

Bitdefender app

#6  “Dr. Web Antivirus”.

Dr Web App Antivirus for android


#7 “Eset Antivirus and Mobile Security”.

Eset Antivirus Mobile Security Android app

#8 “Kaspersky Internet Security”

Kaspersky Internet Security Android app

#9 “Malware Bytes- Anti Malware”.

Malware Bytes- Anti Malware Android App

#10 “McAfee Antivirus”.

McAfee Antivirus Android app


Enjoy these best best android antivirus apps to secure your data from being hacked or corrupt. incase if you have any doubt regarding anything related to android application do contact us.


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